Telehealth Industry Marketing to Senior Citizens

By Mike Switzer

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A few years ago, our next guest’s company entered the fast-growing telehealth industry.  They have now decided to add that same technology to the fast-growing senior citizen home health care market.  How are new technologies and services like these faring in the face of today’s many healthcare uncertainties?

Mike Switzer interviews Chris Cole, president of eDocHome in Greenville, SC.

Transitioning Out of Your Business

By Mike Switzer

John Barnes

Eventually, an owner of a small business will close the business, pass it on to an heir, or sell the business.  Our next guest says that no matter the type of transition, there are many blind spots that need to be navigated.

Mike Switzer interviews John Barnes, a certified financial planner, and president and CEO of Pendleton Street Advisors in Columbia.

Enhancing the Business-Nonprofit Relationship

By Mike Switzer

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You would probably not be surprised to learn that most business leaders are also very active in the nonprofit community, volunteering and serving on boards.  Our next guest says that business people interacting with nonprofit leadership is obviously a good thing but their level of success is going to be determined by the quality of the relationship.

Myrtle Beach Firm Wins National Mobile Web Design Award

By Mike Switzer

Pat Harris

Most business owners know the importance of having a user-friendly mobile website these days.  Our next guest certainly does because his company was recently honored for designing the best mobile website in the nation by the Web Marketing Association.

Mike Switzer interviews Pat Harris, creative director for LHWH Advertising in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Upstate SC Nurtures Euro-Centric Small Businesses

By Mike Switzer

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About 14 years ago, our next guest took her love of interior design and plunged into small business ownership by opening a contemporary Euro-style furniture store.  And she credits the European presence in the Upstate and her own heritage as contributing factors to the store’s success.

Mike Switzer interviews Ivet Ivanova, co-owner of Bogari Furniture in Greenville, SC.

South Carolina's State Retirement System Revamped

By Mike Switzer

Peter Pigeon

For many years, South Carolina’s retirement system has been projected to be unable to meet the benefit payments promised to its retirees.  In April of this year, Governor Henry McMaster signed a bill designed to fix that issue. Our next guest says that the impact of this will be felt by all South Carolinians.

Mike Switzer interviews Peter Pigeon, a certified financial planner with Hobbs Group Advisors in Columbia, SC.

Motor Supply Co. Bistro

By Sean Flynn

Motor Supply

Clemson Extension Agent and Host of "Making It Grow" Amanda McNulty travels to Motor Supply Co. Bistro in Columbia, SC and talks with Chef Wes Fulmer about their farm to table practices. Motor Supply has been serving fresh, local and diverse dishes in the heart of the historic Congaree Vista since 1989. Their menu changes daily for lunch and dinner, offering diners something new every time they come through the door.

Building a Business With Connectors

By Mike Switzer

Kelly and David Schlitter



Kelly and David Schlitter

Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio


You may have heard about our next guests’ company from a recent mention on this show during one of our regular interviews with John Warner, who is always talking up the entrepreneurial activity in our state.  And this company certainly has one of the most unusual products we’ve come across in a while.  Simple steel connectors that allow you to build just about anything using inexpensive conduit pipe.