Join host Misha Collins to explore uniquely American dishes in each episode of Roadfood.


  • Oklahoma/Route 66: The Onion Fried Burger

    The onion-fried burger, a beloved staple of El Reno, tells the story of the Route 66 town.
  • Phoenix, AZ: Frybread

    Frybread is a dish with a complicated and controversial past.
  • Southern Louisiana: Gumbo

    With African roots, gumbo has evolved by drawing from a melting pot of influences.
  • Eastern Shore, VA: Oysters and Crabs

    Discover Virginia’s Eastern Shore, a region known for clams, oysters and crabs.
  • New Bedford, MA: Shrimp Mozambique

    Portuguese immigrants wove their culture into New Bedford, MA, -- including their cuisine.
  • Detroit, MI: Collard Greens / Soul Food

    Collard greens, a soul food staple, show how African Americans are shaping the Motor City.
  • Barberton, OH: Serbian Fried Chicken

    Discover the regional dish of Barberton fried chicken derived from Serbian immigrants.
  • Brownsville, TX: Tacos

    You’ll find some of the best tacos in the US across from the Rio Grande in Brownsville,TX.

About Roadfood

Host Misha Collins hits the highways and byways of America, exploring uniquely American dishes in each episode of Roadfood: Discovering America One Dish at a Time. Meeting local cooks, pit-masters, bakers and proprietors of local eating establishments, Misha explores the roots of each dish. He also meets and talk with locals who savor the dish to learn about their community, history, and values.