Brownsnake vs. Copperhead?

By Rudy Mancke

A Northern Brownsnake.

A listener finds a Brownsnake in his yard and wants to know, will it keep Copperheads out of its territory?

"L" is for Lutherans

By Walter Edgar

South Carolina From A to Z

"L" is for Lutherans. While Lutherans are the third largest Protestant denomination in the United States, their numbers have never been large in the South. In South Carolina, Lutherans make up less than two percent of the population, with highest concentrations in Newberry and Lexington Counties. Among Protestants, Lutherans typically give greater weight to the historic (“catholic”) tradition going back to the ancient church and conduct a liturgy of worship that stands in continuity with that tradition. South Carolina Lutherans formed their own synod in 1824.

Leaves, Green and Brown

By Rudy Mancke


Midst the brown, dead leaves,  this time of year you can sometimes to find the green leaves of the Crane-Fly Orchid.

Town of Chesterfield

By Tabitha Safdi

Town of Chesterfield

Founded in 1785, the Town of Chesterfield is one year older than the City of Columbia. It's also the smallest county seat in South Carolina. The Chesterfield County Courthouse is home to the Chamber of Commerce, an art gallery and a museum.

Friends of Live at the Charleston Music Hall

By Amy Shumaker

Live at the Charleston Music Hall

We want to thank the supporters of Live at the Charleston Music Hall.

Complete List of Funders

  • Bolt, Rick
  • Brown, Alan Kent
  • Byrd, Willard Dean
  • Coggeshall, Collin
  • Conley-Pitts, Rita
  • Flowers, Stan
  • Friedgen, Gloria
  • Killian, Hume
  • Louder, Bob
  • Newton, Weesie
  • Orvedal, Libby
  • Svenningsen, James
  • Williamson, McLeod
  • Young, Lewis

Business & Organizations

Civil Rights Journalist Made a Difference in Rock Hill

By Kaitlyn Cannon

Marshall Doswell

Marshall Doswell came to Rock Hill as the Managing Editor of The Evening Herald in 1957. After living in South Carolina for a short time, he was made aware of the racial division and tension that existed here. Knowing the power of the press, Doswell felt called to use his position to advocate for equality and change. At the time, Doswell’s belief in equality was not commonplace. His advocacy for racial justice was perceived as progressive and radical.

"B" is for Bennett, Thomas, Jr. [1781-1865]

By Walter Edgar

South Carolina From A to Z

"B" is for Bennett, Thomas, Jr. [1781-1865]. Governor. Beginning as his father’s partner, Bennett built a lucrative lumber and rice mill business in Charleston. A prominent lowcountry entrepreneur, he held business positions that included director of the South Carolina Homespun Company, director of the Bank of the State of South Carolina, and director of the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston Railroad. He was active in the Charleston Chamber of Commerce and also served as mayor of the city. He was a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives and served as its speaker.

Journalist Robert Cox and the Newspaper Published Dangerous Truths

By Alfred Turner

Robert Cox (with Maria Hinojosa, WGBH, Boston)

The Buenos Aires Herald ceased publication in July of 2017, almost 141 years after its founding. The paper became famous, however, only in the latter part of the 20th century, for exposing the forced disappearances of Argentinians during the 1976-83 military dictatorship. Other newspapers in the country whitewashed this chapter of Argentina’s history.