Carol of the Violin (1978) | ETV Classics: Holiday Edition

The holidays are a time for families to gather from near and far, to practice family traditions, exchange gifts and eat an abundance of good food.  This time of year can also be sad too. Often times the loss of loved ones are felt even more intensely during the holidays. Traditions often disappear after a loved one has passed on.

In this episode of ETV Classics: Holiday Edition, viewers take a glimpse inside a Christmas Eve celebration. After the family exchange gifts, Mama plays Silent Night and various other Christmas songs on her violin. It's been a long time since she's played her violin due to being sick for so long. That Christmas Eve would be the last time the family experiences Mama playing the violin. It's upon her death, that the family starts to crumble.

At the center is the not only the loss of Mama, but the violin that was so dear to her. Young Millie is determined to learn how to play the violin like her mother despite her Papa's refusal to let her play. As Millie's talents grow, how will her secret violin lessons affect Papa? 

Watch Carol of the Violin to find out!

Side Note:

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