Yan Can Cook: Spice Kingdom

Chef Martin Yan explores how food and spices shaped western China.


  • Back to Roots

    Martin learns about authentic cooking on a family farm in Chengdu.
  • Fine Art Fine Food

    Martin tours the thriving art scene in Chengdu.
  • Rising Stars

    Martin meets up with many talented children from Chengdu.
  • Small Bites

    Martin explains a Chengdu snack called xiao chi.
  • Hot, Hot, and Extra Hot

    Martin dives into the world of Sichuan cuisine.
  • Poetry in AQ Cup

    Martin learns about the culture of wine (baijiu)-making or in China.
  • That Which Sustains Life

    Martin sees the fertile farmland which gave rise to the city of Chengdu.
  • The Voice of the Mountain

    Martin learns about the life and cuisine of the mountains of Sichuan.

About Yan Can Cook: Spice Kingdom

Chef Martin Yan explores the many aspects of how food and spices helped shape the history and culture of western China. In this culinary journey, he also examines daily life in the region - from a whirlwind tour of street snacks to a leisurely cup of tea at historical tea houses. Back in the kitchen, Yan demonstrates his own take on the flavors and dishes of western China.