Lidia's Kitchen

Lidia shares anecdotes and recipes from her childhood


  • An Italian Lunchbox

    Lidia shares some lunch-on-the-go ideas to make the American tradition more Italian.
  • Family Meal

    Lidia loves gathering around the table with her family to share a meal.
  • Cheese Please!

    Lidia shows how to add cow's, sheep and goat's milk cheeses to almost any dish.
  • What’s For Dinner?

    Lidia shares her favorite easy dinner recipes.
  • Fishing the Adriatic with Uncle Emilio

    Lidia prepares a menu inspired by her fishing trips with her Uncle Emilio.
  • Corn: From the Kernel to the Husk

    Lidia prepares corn three ways: in a minestra, in polenta and grilled.
  • Fruits and Sweets

    Lidia prepares a bruschetta, truffles and a tart using fresh, seasonal fruit.
  • The Vegetable Patch

    Lidia works in garden then makes dishes using salad greens, green beans and potatoes.

About Lidia's Kitchen

Season eight of LIDIA'S KITCHEN: REFLECTING AND RECONNECTING features stories that shaped Lidia Bastianich as a person and as a chef. Throughout the 26-part series, Lidia shares anecdotes and recipes from her childhood, when times were sometimes challenging, but happy and fulfilling.