Family Ingredients

Discover the stories linked by family recipes from places including Hawaii and Japan.


  • Japan – Miso Soup

    In Japan, miso factories are like microbreweries in America.
  • California – Pipi Kaula

    Trace the origins of Hawaiian cowboys who made tender beef jerky called pipi kaula.
  • Tahiti - Poisson Cru

    Witness a family moment to remember and a dish never to forget.
  • Okinawa - Soki Soba

    See how Okinawan soba is different from Japanese soba.
  • Hawai'i - Poi

    One of the most famous Hawaiian dish is the one that is most misunderstood.

About Family Ingredients

Get an introduction to interesting people and riveting stories linked by a family recipe, starting from a base in Hawaii to locations such as Japan and Puerto Rico. Find the rich and sometimes surprising connections to a treasured family dish.