'Like Watching a Tidal Wave Coming at You.' The View of South Carolina's Student Nurses

By Scott Morgan

44a4e41d-6147-430f-84c3-7de66d3b41e4News from hospitals in much of the United States right now is bad. In major cities like Detroit, in population-dense states like New Jersey, medical staffs are sometimes unable to keep up with the crush of new COVID-19 cases. Emergencies are gobbling up hospital beds; doctors nurses, and assistants are risking their lives just by going to work; and supplies of personal protective equipment, or PPE, are in some places so bereft, ICU healthcare workers have taken to wearing trash bags and goggles because it was the best they could do. To date, that kind of thing isn’t consuming South Carolina’s...

Reel South: F11 and Be There (Full Episode)

F11 and Be ThereEpisode #501 - F11 and Be There is a commentary on American civil rights, race, social justice, and art, told through the many lenses of legendary photographer Burk Uzzle. With a career that spans over 65 years, Burk Uzzle has created some of the most iconic photographs in American history. This film is a journey alongside one of America's greatest visual poets as he makes museum exhibitions with a local community, travels America's backroads in search of hidden treasures of Americana, and using his vast archive as a guide, confronts race, inequality, and injustice through the many parallels...

Old Town Farmers Market: Where Rock Hill Shops Local

By Shannon Simmons

Old Town Farmer's Market in Rock Hill Homegrown fruits, vegetable, and meats are just some of the things you can find at the Old Town Farmers Market . Originally starting as a Thursday evening event, the market has grown and partnered with local restaurant Legal Remedy Brewing to host more events. Sarah Key , City of Rock Hill event supervisor, shares that “this is our first year partnering with Legal Remedy for a spring market that’s gone so well, it’s moved into a summer market and now a fall market.” General Manager of Legal Remedy, Mike Ramsey says that he enjoys taking part in the market because, “it gets us in front of...

COVID-19 Anxiety

By Victoria Hansen

photo of apartment buildingIf you're feeling anxious about the coronavirus pandemic, you're not alone. More than one third of Americans think it is affecting their mental health, according to a recent study by the American Psychiatric Associaton. Social distancing to stop the spread has shut down cities and left million without jobs. Many who are working, are working from home, tackling technology, homeschooling kids and cooking all the family meals. Daily life is different and stressful. "I think a lot of people are experiencing that they feel even more challenged and expected to do more and more at the same time,"...

SC Lede: COVID-19 — Stay At Home (For Real This Time)

By Gavin Jackson

SC LEDE logoOn this episode for April 7, 2020, US Attorney for South Carolina Peter McCoy joins us to discuss a new strike team investigating price gouging scams related to the coronavirus pandemic. We then speak with Sara Barber, director of the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, about how uncertain times and self-isolation can lead to or increase domestic abuse and what warning signs you should look for if you suspect someone you know is a victim. We also look at the latest updates from Gov. Henry McMaster and other state officials, listen to your voicemails, and...

Dining Etiquette

By Sean Flynn

EtiquetteThe SC Commissioner's School for Agriculture allows high school students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in agriculture at a week-long camp at Clemson University each summer. One of the experiences is an etiquette class taught by Blanche Weathers, the wife of Commissioner Hugh Weathers, to help prepare young people for formal dinners as they enter college and the workforce.

Reconnecting Roots: Season 2 Premieres April 9

host Gabe McCauley"Reconnecting Roots" and host Gabe McCauley continue the journey into American history with an all new set of topics and even more important roots to uncover. Taking a look at some of our nation’s most defining successes as well as some of our not-so-proud moments; Season 2 continues to engage a new generation while seeking to learn about the past and encouraging us all to make a better future. Season 2 Episodes RR201: The Recording Industry: Off the Record, In the Cloud (April 9, 2020) Gabe visits Jack White's Third Man Pressing to find out if the vinyl resurgence is just a fad, or if it's...

Bee Well Honey

By Jenna Schiferl

beeThere’s nothing as sweet as honey. We visited a bee colony in the Upstate to see just how important the honey bee….and its honey…is in everyday life.

Essential Activities of Agriculture Continue During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Alfred Turner

Making It Grow MinuteHello Gardeners, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow . During a recent interview, Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers detailed the breadth of agricultural activities considered essential during this time of national crisis, and that there is no evidence that food product can transmit the corona virus. His staff, most working remotely, is still performing all activities necessary to keep human and animal food and fiber production, inspection, and distribution safe and operating at levels that can supply demand. If you search South Carolina Department of...

South Carolinians in Quarantine are Fostering and Adopting More Pets

By Scott Morgan

Fostering and Adopting More PetsAs South Carolinians are shut in for who-knows-how-long, they’re looking for ways to occupy their time and still do something positive. Alexa Sparkman, manager of volunteer programs at Pawmetto Lifeline in Columbia, says her organization has seen a big uptick in adoptions and in requests to foster. "Our foster team has seen application after application for all sorts of pets," Sparkman says. "Young, old, puppies, moms with puppies, so you name it." She says Pawmetto used to see about 30 adoptions per week. Recently, it saw 54. Likewise, Fostering Foster, an animal rescue organization in...