Are Female Cops the Answer We're Looking For?

By Scott Morgan

edff0bbe-28f6-438c-9de4-a7dd270eeee6Right now, around the country, communities are asking hard questions about the role of police – does policing need an overhaul? How can officers better serve communities? And how can departments ratchet down tensions that can lead to aggression by and against police officers? Well before the flashpoint that was the George Floyd incident, scholars and social reformers were posing an answer to questions like these: female officers. In the ocean of academic research into police misconduct and aggression, a common finding is that female police officers are much less likely to be at the center of...

Red Cross Deals with the Effects of Coronavirus

By Tut Underwood

Not only is blood needed by the Red Cross to make up for COVID-related blood drive cancellations, but volunteers are greatly needed as well.Even though the nation is in the midst of the COVID pandemic, other needs go on. A big one is the need for blood. According to Red Cross spokesman Ben Williamson, hundreds of blood drives have been cancelled or rescheduled by the pandemic in the last few months. As a result, thousands of pints of blood have been lost to hospitals. But the lack of blood hasn't stopped the need, said Williamson. "There are kids that have cancer that need blood. There are still accidents happening where transfusions are needed. As elective surgeries have picked back up at hospitals, that need for blood has...

Charleston Sisters' Aversion to Slavery Fuels Fight for Women's Rights

By Victoria Hansen

913bd8af-4248-47ac-a7ea-f942f1a88dc3Lee Ann Bain talks excitedly as she darts from the sun to the shade along Charleston's sweltering city streets. There's hardly a bead of sweat forming on her face. Bain knows how to beat the heat. She's been giving walking tours for 11 years. Bain remembers studying to become a certified guide. There was just a small paragraph about the Grimke sisters. But it catapulted from the page. "I was like, excuse me who are these ladies?" Bain says. "I've never ever heard of them before." So, Bain researched and read, and what she found was fascinating. The Grimke sisters, Sarah and Angelina, grew up...

Struggling to Re-Open Economy

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoWith the re-opening of the economy and the resurgence of the virus this summer, hopes for better times ahead have been delayed. Is restarting the economy becoming more and more reliant on a vaccine? Mike Switzer interviews Bruce Yandle, Dean Emeritus at the College of Business & Behavioral Science and Alumni Professor of Economics Emeritus, both at Clemson University. He is also the Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center which publishes his Economic Situation Report .

How well do you know South Carolina?

By Julia Roach

How well do you know SCOne great attraction people find to South Carolina is the amazing small towns that make up this great state. Each town has an extremely unique history, making South Carolina a special place to call home. How well do you know these small towns, though? Maybe you live in one or have visited one? Either way, you can test your knowledge today! Keep scrolling to answer the questions below to figure out how well you know South Carolina. 1. This town is home to one of the eleven Four Diamond restaurants in South Carolina. Cheraw Greenwood Walhalla Latta Did you get it right? The correct town is...

President's Corner Monthly Newsletter, August 2020

By Anthony Padgett

Palmetto Perspectives Host, Moderator and PanelFred Rogers, better known by millions of public television viewers as Mister Rogers, once said, “the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers." Describing the importance of empathy and listening to one another, Rogers’ quote is still just as poignant today as it was the day he said it. That’s why SCETV proudly launched a new series last month entitled, “ Palmetto Perspectives .” This new, community-focused program is aimed at bringing together a diverse group of voices to discuss the...

'Inspired To Use Her Voice For Women's Rights,' Eulalie Salley Followed Her Mind, Broke Barriers

By Thelisha Eaddy

Pickens-Salley HouseEulalie was born in Georgia on December 11, 1883. She grew up on a plantation near Augusta, was privately educated and attended both, Virginia's Mary Baldwin College and Converse College in Spartanburg, SC. In 1906, she married attorney Julian Salley (later mayor of Aiken) and together they had two children. But it was the court case of another woman's fight to regain custody of her own children that prompted Salley to join the fight for suffrage. In this episode of Sisterhood: SC Suffragists, we learn Eulalie Chafee Salley joined the South Carolina Equal Suffrage League, by sending a dollar...

Skin Cancer Prevention & Screening During the Pandemic

By Alfred Turner

Dr. Dirk ElstonThis week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Dirk Elston about skin cancer prevention and screening during the pandemic. Dr. Elston is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery at MUSC.

Heart Health for Women

By Alfred Turner

Dr. Arasi MaranIncluding Heart Health Tips during the Pandemic This week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Arasi Maran about heart health for women, including actions to take now, to reduce risk of coronary heart disease. Dr. Maran is an Interventional Cardiologist and Director of the Coronary CTO (Chronic Total Occlusions) Program at MUSC.

Spoleto Backstage: Bach Bonus Round

By Sean Birch

d4c7ada1-f7a0-4573-bf82-3a602e9885abThis episode of Spoleto Backstage highlights the music of Johann Sebastian Bach with Spoleto chamber music series performances of two works representative of the German baroque composer’s prolific and wide-ranging output: his Concerto in C minor for violin and oboe, BWV 1060, and his cantata Ich habe genug , BWV 82. Before listening to these works as performed in the festival’s 2017 and 2011 seasons, hosts Geoff Nuttall and Bradley Fuller talk about Bach’s career and legacy, considering what his music means to them and the qualities that have ensured its appeal across centuries and cultures...