Art Installation Series Brings Light to Spartanburg

By Ann Bailey

Lighten Up Spartanburg

In recent years, Spartanburg, South Carolina has experienced rapid growth with the introduction of new hotels and apartment buildings, in addition to its multitude of independent businesses. Nestled in the upstate, the town that was once known only for its railroad lines is now stapled with much more. To commemorate the bright expansion of her developing town, Elizabeth Goddard, Executive Director of the Spartanburg Art Museum, decided to introduce some light of her own.

Narrative: The Best Wedding Gift

By Laura Hunsberger

Kelvin and Chanta Moore, Columbia 2016

This edition of Narrative features an interview from StoryCorps, an oral history project based on the idea that the stories of everyday people are the most important and interesting of all. At the StoryCorps mobile booth in Columbia in 2016, Kelvin Moore and his wife Chanta Moore remembered how their relationship grew as they got used to living together for the first time.

Ronald Erwin McNair

Ronald Erwin McNair

Inducted into the South Carolina Hall Of Fame, Ronald McNair was the second African-American to go into space, and was part of the STS-51L crew that died when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after lift-off in 1986.

February 6, 1968 - All Star Bowling Lanes Protest Turns Violent

By Beryl Dakers

Dr. Emma McCain

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ordered all public places and schools to desegregate and serve blacks and whites equally. For four years, from 1964 to 1968, Orangeburg's All Star Bowling Lanes refused to obey the Act and continued to turn away African Americans

On February 6, 1968, 300 students from South Carolina State and Claflin College demonstrated in the parking lot of All Star Bowling Lanes. They were met by 100 law enforcement officers who beat them with sticks and drove them away. 

Worm Farming

By Tabitha Safdi

Coleman with the worms

The Early Bird Farm is a farm like no other with their primary crop being...WORMS! Paul Coleman has been raising worms for a number of years and knows all to well the importance of these tiny creatures.

SC Chamber Music Festival’s Sixth Season Offers Variety, Focus on Duos

By Bradley Fuller

pianist Paolo Gualdi

For pianist Paolo Gualdi, variety is an important part of being a well-rounded musician. 

According to the Francis Marion University professor, “It’s a great advantage to be open to many, many different kinds of music. It doesn’t matter what you’re listening to, as long as it’s high-quality, as long as there’s something interesting about it.”

Narrative: A Daughter's Love Passed Down

By Laura Hunsberger

Tonya German and her mother Nancy Wegner, Columbia 2016

This edition of Narrative features an interview from StoryCorps, an oral history project where friends and loved ones interview each other. At the StoryCorps mobile booth in Columbia in 2016, Tonya German spoke with her mother Nancy Wegner about her early life, starting with the last time Nancy saw her own mother as a child. Here’s Tonya.

David Drake aka “Dave the Potter”

Dave the Potter

David Drake was an enslaved African American in Edgefield, South Carolina during the first three quarters of the nineteenth century.  He’s known today for the magnificent quality of the pots he made, the size of the pots, and he wrote poems on some of his pots—during an era when it was a crime for slaves to know how to read and write.

The Orangeburg Massacre: Alumni Discuss Lifelong Effects and the FBI Investigation

By Ty Moody

Fifty years later,  SC State University Alumni gather for a conversation about the lifelong effects of the Orangeburg Massacre a

Fifty years later, South Carolina State University (SCSU) Alumni gather for a conversation about the lifelong effects of the Orangeburg Massacre and the final FBI investigation report.

On the evening of February 8, 1968, SCSU students started a bonfire on the front of campus which is located in Orangeburg, South Carolina. As police and firefighters attempted to put out the fire, officer David Shealy was injured by a thrown object. As a result, South Carolina Highway Patrol officers fired shots at the protestors.