Food Flirts

Two passionate food explorers on a mission to tackle their culinary bucket list.


  • Pretzel Meets Chocolate

    How are Bavarian pretzels, stone-ground Mexican Chocolate and French brioche alike?
  • Thailand Meets Tres Leches

    The Food Flirts want to tackle something new about ice cream!
  • Cape Cod- Road Trip

    The Brass Sisters are in for a treat when they travel to Cape Cod.
  • Pastrami Meets Ramen

    The Brass sisters decide to combine old-fashioned pastrami with ramen.
  • Burger Meets Dosa

    The Brass sisters learn how to make 'Cheeseburger' Dosa.

About Food Flirts

Meet the Brass Sisters a.k.a. the Food Flirts. Two passionate food explorers of a certain age on a mission to tackle their culinary bucket list ... one bite at a time!
In each episode, the ladies 'flirt' their way into chefs' kitchens to discover two ethnically unique and delicious delights, then head home to experiment and create cross-cultural culinary mashups to tantalize your taste buds.