The South Carolina State Library: “Your Library’s Library”

By Linda Nunez

A very old and rare book which requires special lighting in storage

The South Carolina State Library has come a long way from its roots in the early 20th Century as a single office tucked inside the South Carolina Statehouse. As of 1969, it’s now a 5-story building two blocks down from the Statehouse at 1500 Senate St., celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. But despite its growth, the goal of the South Carolina State Library has remained steadfast: to develop, support, and sustain a thriving statewide community of learners committed to making South Carolina stronger.

Tapping Into York County's Booming Craft Beer Scene

By Scott Morgan





Even just three or four years ago, one of the biggest complaints people had about York County was that there wasn't much to do there if you were looking for a night out.

Brewhouses have certainly helped changed that. The six brewpubs and breweries that now operate in Rock Hill and Fort Mill bring thousands (and thousands) of visitors a year. Most are looking to sample the IPAs and sours and Belgian ales and stouts. Some are looking to get a T-shirt.

South Carolina is Home to Several Charming Southern Accents

By Tut Underwood

Sign at Table Rock State Park near Pickens, SC.

In South Carolina, one would naturally expect to hear what could be called a classic Southern accent spoken by its residents.  But not every South Carolinian sounds the same, according to linguist Paul Reed, who earned his PhD in the study at the University of South Carolina. 

Protecting Gullah Culture

By Victoria Hansen

Nakia Wigfall coils a sweetgrass basket at her Mount Pleasant home.

Nearly two hours south of Charleston, over Beaufort's Woods Memorial Bridge, South Carolina's Sea Islands stretch out adorned with palms trees and pines, and grassy marshes that glitter at twilight.

SC Lede: Campaign Visits and Remembering Emily Clyburn

By Gavin Jackson

Gavin Jackson (l) with Meg Kinnard and Jamie Lovegrove (r)

On this edition of the South Carolina Lede, host Gavin Jackson is joined by The Associated Press' Meg Kinnard and The Post and Courier's Jamie Lovegrove to discuss recent South Carolina campaign stops by 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). They also remember the late Emily Clyburn, wife of Congressman Jim Clyburn, who passed away last week.

Then, South Carolina Public Radio's Russ McKinney stops by to quiz the three of them about South Carolina history in this week's Did You Know segment.

Abortion Debate Will Return to the Senate in 2020

By Russ McKinney

The South Carolina Senate Chamber

The next session of the S.C. General Assembly doesn’t convene until January, but Republicans in the State Senate are already working to try and pass a bill that essentially would prohibit abortions in the state.  It’s known as the Fetal Heartbeat Bill.

It won easy passage in the House of Representatives earlier this  year, and Republican Governor Henry McMaster has said if the bill passes he’ll sign it into law.  Because the bill is expected to have a harder time passing in the Senate its' backers are already at work trying to give it a head start in next year’s session.

SC Lede: Galivants Ferry Stump MiniPod

By Gavin Jackson

Gavin Jackson speaks with Jamie Lovegrove (l) and Meg Kinnard (r) following the Galivants Ferry Stump Meeting

On this mini episode of the South Carolina Lede, host Gavin Jackson takes us to Horry County as a number of 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls visited the Galivants Ferry Stump Meeting this week. The Associated Press' Meg Kinnard and The Post and Courier's Jamie Lovegrove join Gavin at the long-running Pee Dee event to discuss speeches given by New York City Mayor Bill de Balsio, former Vice President Joe Biden, South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.).

How Hurricane Hugo Shaped the Life of an Emergency Managment Director

By Victoria Hansen


There's a brief lull in the heavy rain that's hit Charleston as Hurricane Dorian lingers off the coast.  The city's Emergency Managment Director Shannon Scaff takes a deep breath.  He's about to interview live, nationally with The Weather Channel.  He's also relieved.  The storm isn't over yet and already he knows it could have been much worse. "We got lucky with the tides," he tells the reporter.