Chester Residents Call Out Gun Violence, Culture of Silence

By Scott Morgan

Chester Residents Call Out Gun Violence, Culture of Silence

The City of Chester is in crisis. Shootings are on the rise and so are shooting-related deaths. So far this year, police have taken more than 130 calls about shots being fired. That’s 20 more than all of last year.



Chester residents marched for 'Freedom From Gun Violence' on Sept. 14, a first public effort to stop escalating street and gang shootings in the city.

Credit Scott Morgan / South Carolina Public Radio


When Hurricane Hugo Rocked the Piedmont

By Scott Morgan


On Sept. 21, 1989, a lot of people in the Piedmont went to bed before the storm arrived. They knew it was on its way; some even knew about it hitting the coast. But hurricane or no hurricane, hurricanes don’t barrel across states and then make their way north, so most people didn’t think much of what was to come.  

Tropical Storm Humberto is No Longer a Threat to South Carolina

By Jeff Huffman


The season’s eighth named tropical storm was classified by the National Hurricane Center late Friday night, but it is no longer a direct threat to South Carolina.

Hurricane hunters then found that the tropical storm had strengthened Saturday morning, and it now has winds up to 50 mph. Strong upper-level winds from the southwest were limiting the tropical storm’s ability to become better organized. However, those winds are expected to weaken Sunday when forecasters say Tropical Storm Humberto will be poised for intensification.

Tropical Depression Nine Forms; Likely to Stay Offshore

By Jeff Huffman


Update Friday 5 pm: The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Depression Nine has formed, located 240 miles east-southeast of Freeport, Grand Bahama Island.  A center of circulation was noted on the eastern side of a broad area of low pressure, based on satellite and hurricane hunter data.  The more eastward placement of that center prompted forecasters to make a significant adjustment to the forecast track for the soon-to-be tropical storm, which is now more than 100 miles from the coast of South Carolina early next week.

Complacency Isn't the Only Reason People Don't Evacuate for Hurricanes

By Scott Morgan

stormy ocean waves

Why don’t people leave when a hurricane hits where they live? And how do news outlets and emergency officials and even governors make people understand that they should?

Those are two questions that vex all of the above-mentioned groups during a storm. In the first week of September, Hurricane Dorian menaced the South Carolina coast for days and triggered evacuation orders for every beach community in the state.

And yet, more people than not in some evacuation zones just didn’t evacuate.  

Spartanburg Songwriter Made His Mark in Nashville with Country Music

By Tut Underwood

David Ball (second from left) and his band.

Country music has made and broken careers for close to a century now.  David Ball of Spartanburg is one of the survivors, enjoying a long career in the field.  In high school he joined the legendary acoustic trio Uncle Walt's Band, playing a blend of bluegrass, blues, swing and folk, "and then that of course led me into Jimmie Rodgers, the Carter Family," he recalls of his introduction to country.  The group moved to Texas, where it became the rage in clubs across the state, and where its unique blend of sounds eventually came to be called Americana, with Uncle Walt's Band being named one

Tropical Disturbance Likely to Develop Near Florida This Weekend

By Ray Hawthorne


UPDATE THURSDAY 5 PM: The National Hurricane Center began issuing advisories on what they call Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine (or “PTC Nine”). This nomenclature is used when a system is likely to produce tropical storm conditions near land - in this case, the Bahamas - but has yet to be officially classified as a tropical storm. PTC Nine was located 310 miles south of Freeport on Grand Bahama Island, per the 5 pm update. The disturbance was moving northwest at 8 mph.

Columbia Native's Country Music Dream Lasts a Lifetime

By Tut Underwood

Bemo Prince, at the mic, with some of his band members.

Country music finds fans in a variety of ways, most often by either hearing the music on the radio or seeing country artists play live.  That's the way Bemo Prince of Columbia became a country music fan.  "My daddy took me to hear...Snuffy Jenkins and the Hired Hands, and I was hooked."

Meet the 10-year Old Fighter Whose Name You Might Hear Again Soon

By Scott Morgan


If you’re the type who likes to say you knew someone back in the day, you might want to remember the name Kamron Venable. At 10, Kamron already has chins wagging about what kind of name he could make for himself as a pro boxer. He’s one of those kids that even seasoned adults know has that elusive quality called “it,” even if they don’t know how or why he has it.