SC Lede: The Importance Of King Day At The Dome

By Gavin Jackson

LedeOn this edition of the South Carolina Lede , as we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this week, we look at the importance of the King Day at the Dome event in Columbia, SC. Host Gavin Jackson is joined by the Free Times' Chris Trainor , whose recent cover story on the event at the statehouse , now it is 20th year, traces history of the event from the protests around the Confederate battle flag to becoming a must-stop for Democratic presidential hopefuls. You can read Chris Trainor's story on the Free Times' site here . Then, South Carolina Public Radio's Russ...

South Carolina Between World Wars: The Charleston Renaissance

By Alfred Turner

"The Reserve in Summer" from the series A Carolina Rice Plantation of the Fifties, ca. 1935, By Alice Ravenel Huger Smith (American, 1876 - 1958); Watercolor on paper; In the years after WWI, art, poetry, historic preservation, and literature flourished in Charleston, SC, and the Lowcountry during what has been called the Charleston Renaissance. Angela Mack, Executive Director & Chief Curator of the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, talks with Walter Edgar about the people and circumstances that came together to create this flowering of the beaux arts in the Holy City. Mack and Edgar will also examine the obligations of museums to seek out the artistic voices of this period that were excluded from museum collections because of race or class, as well...

Telehealth Helps Save Child's Life

By Julia Shillinglaw

Annie Nichols recovers from traumatic brain injurTime is crucial for a traumatic brain injury especially for Annie Nichols who was four at the time of her accident. When she slipped and hit her head in the garage, her parents, Kelsey and Billy, didn’t think much of it. “It was a bad fall,” Billy said. “She cried, but it wasn’t the worst thing you’ve ever heard.” But later that day when Annie starting screaming in pain, they immediately rushed her to Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital in Murrells Inlet, where she had to be placed on a breathing machine to hold her airway open. The emergency team in Murrells Inlet connected through...

Starfish Stink Horn Mushroom

By Alfred Turner

Starfish stinkhorn mushroomThis fairly common fungus is widely distributed in Australia and across many islands in the Pacific Ocean, including New Zealand. From its natural habitat it appears to have travelled to other parts of the world in garden or soil products.

South Carolina Between World Wars: Politics

By Alfred Turner

James F. Byrnes. During his ten years in the Senate, Byrnes championed President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal.This week on Walter Edgar's Journal , our third program on South Carolina Between the World Wars , features Dr. Vernon Burton of Clemson University, in conversation with Walter Edgar about the politics of the period. During this time, State politics remained a politics very much based on friends and neighbors – white friends and neighbors, at least. Coming out of the relative progressivism of the First World War, politics took a swing back to conservativism which ran headlong into the federal programs and policies of the New Deal – polices which helped the state start digging out of the...

Plum Grass

By Alfred Turner

Plume grassSaccharum is a genus of tall perennial plants of the broomsedge tribe within the grass family. The genus is widespread across tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate regions in Africa, Eurasia, Australia, the Americas, and assorted oceanic islands. Several species are cultivated and naturalized in areas outside their native habitats.

Low Risk of Wind Damage From Approaching Front Saturday Night

By Jeff Huffman

8f83a649-ffb3-46e5-abaa-f68fbd2a8d39A powerful storm is expected to move through the Central U.S. Saturday, sending a squall line of destructive storms through the Mid-South and dumping heavy snow on the Upper Midwest. The system is likely to weaken considerably before reaching South Carolina, but it still might be capable of producing a few severe thunderstorms upon its arrival late Saturday night. A few showers or thunderstorms might develop across portions of the Palmetto State as early as the afternoon hours Saturday, but it likely won’t be until after sunset that the strongest storms first arrive in the Upstate region. The...

South Carolina Between World Wars: The Impact of the New Deal

By Alfred Turner

A mural entitled "Past and Present Agriculture and Industry of Colleton County" painted by Sheffield Kagy in 1938 When the stock market crashed in 1929, ushering in the Great Depression, South Carolina was already in dire financial straits. Cotton prices had plummeted, even before the boll weevil had decimated the crop. Years of non-sustainable practices in cotton farming had ruined thousands of acres of farmland. And, the textile industry had crashed. Then came Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal programs, which altered the physical, social, and economic landscape of South Carolina. In the second of our programs on South Carolina Between the World Wars , Dr. Kerry Taylor, a specialist in twentieth-century...