Juneteenth Brings Two Calls for Name Changes in Rock Hill

By Scott Morgan

protestersTwo calls to change names tied to the Confederacy occurred in Rock Hill Friday. One was the call by the Winthrop University Board of Trustees to change the name of Tillman Hall back to Main Hall – a move echoing this exact call at Clemson University last week and similar to the one at the University of South Carolina to remove the name Sims from a dorm; the other an effort to rename Confederate Park. The move to change names with Confederate roots, however, is stumped by the state Heritage Act, a 2000 bill that forbids the changing of any public place names connected to historic people or...

Juneteenth Rock Hill goes digital

By Kaitlyn Cannon

Prior Juneteenth Rock Hill celebrationJuneteenth celebrates the day that Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas and informed the inhabitants there about the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed all slaves. This was two and a half years after the proclamation was officially signed by President Lincoln. “ Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration of the ending of slavery,” explains Juneteenth Rock Hill President Tamika Poag. Juneteenth has been celebrated in Rock Hill for several years and, even with a pandemic sweeping the nation, the Juneteenth Rock Hill committee decided that this year would...

What Does Freedom Mean? The Agency of Black People Before and After Emancipation

By Walter Edgar

Juneteenth Celebration, Texas 1905On June 19th, 1865, Union general Gordon Granger read federal orders in Galveston, Texas, that all previously enslaved people in Texas were free. The news of Emancipation had finally come to the state. Today, this day is celebrated as Juneteenth. What did it mean to these newly freed people to "be free"? What power, or "agency" did freedom bring? What agency had the enslaved managed to create before Emancipation? Dr. Heather Andrea Williams of Pennsylvania State University has spent her career putting black people at the center of the histories she has written. She joins Dr. Walter Edgar for...

Chris Singleton, Son of Emanuel AME Shooting Victim, Pens Book for Anniversary

By Victoria Hansen

Chris Singleton's book "Different"Five years ago, Chris Singleton was a carefree college student dreaming of playing professional baseball when he got the call that changed his life. "I'll never forget it," says Singleton. "I was 18 years-old and I got a call from my mom's phone actually and the lady on the other end was saying 'Chris you got to get down here right now something bad happened.' " A stranger welcomed to bible study at Mother Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston had pulled out a gun while the parishioner's eyes were closed in prayer. He fired more than 70 rounds leaving nine people dead, including Chris's...

Selling in the Age of Covid

By Mike Switzer

Doug QuackenbosIn a post-Covid world, the sales process is being reinvented, just like so many others. While e-commerce and video calls have been tools for sales reps for a long time, they have certainly increased in popularity. Are the days of face-to-face sales presentations gone forever? Mike Switzer interviews Doug Quackenbos, a lecturer in the Department of Marketing at the Darla Moore School of Business at USC in Columbia, SC. This is Part 9 in our weekly series entitled “Managerial Insights-Supporting Businesses During an Uncertain Time” as part of a partnership with the Moore School’s Executive...

Chester PD Addresses McCree Shooting Incident

By Scott Morgan

Chester Police Chief Eric Williams On Tuesday, Chester Police Chief Eric Williams held a press conference regarding the killing of 28-year-old Ariane McCree by a city police officer last fall. Williams said the press conference was an effort to be fully transparent in an incident that has dogged the department since November. Hear the full press conference below. McCree's case has generated ongoing questions and renewed interest amid the international conversation on police conduct and racial justice. The case has made national news given its main facts -- McCree was black and was handcuffed behind his back when he was shot...

Alcohol Consumption during Stressful Times (Including the Pandemic)

By Bobbi Conner

Dr. Joshua SmithThis week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Josh Smith about the increase in risk for developing an alcohol problem during stressful times, and tips for reducing alcohol consumption. Dr. Smith is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science and he is the Clinical Director of the Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs at MUSC. Transcript (PDF) available upon request.

Fulfilling My Nerd Dreams | Endowment Intern Max

By Max Laro

Stock Editing SuiteWhile COVID has still prevented me from reaping the full benefits that a normal ETV intern receives, I’ve still had some pretty rare opportunities that I’m grateful for. This past week I got my first chance to use a professional editing suite. It had 3 computer monitors, a sound mixer, a set of speakers, and pro-grade editing software. It was a big nerd moment for me to be able to use that. I was like a little girl going to Disney for the first time and getting to meet my favorite Disney princess. The best part about it was that I wasn’t just doing a little meet and greet with my favorite...

Sisterhood: SC Suffragists, A Look at How Local Women Helped Secure the Right to Vote

By Thelisha Eaddy

Suffragists demonstrating against Woodrow Wilson in Chicago, 1916.On May 21, 1919, the US House of Representatives passed the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing American women the right to vote. Two weeks later, the Senate followed. The amendment was ratified and adopted, one year later on August 18, 1920. Getting to this historic moment took an almost century- long effort of lecturing, writing, marching, lobbying, and practicing civil disobedience for many women and their allies. Some of these influential players were from South Carolina, including the Grimke sisters , Rollin sisters and Pollitzer sisters .

A Great Start | Endowment Intern Julia

By Julia Roach

ETV DigitalIt’s a good day in the office, readers. I’m coming to you now during my second week as an intern at SCETV Digital, and may I just tell you, I am LOVING it! How has it been two weeks already? This week has been a great one. The first thing that I must tell you is that my first piece has been published on SCETV’s website! I am, surprisingly, pretty pleased with my work! For those of you who know me, you know I am super critical of my own work. Whether it’s my photography, school work, or personal projects, I tend to give myself a hard time because I expect a lot from myself! This piece is...