Here's to Beginning | Endowment Intern Julia

By Julia Roach

Endowment Intern JuliaI have been in school for most of my life and I must say, I missed the class where we were taught how to survive a deadly pandemic and start an amazing internship all in the same period. Wait, you guys didn’t have that class either? Okay - I feel better now. The beginning of my internship experience with SCETV Columbia Digital has proved to be a unique one, to say the least. In compliance with social distancing measures, I will be working from home for the time being to keep myself and fellow employees safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. I guess a perk of this is that I get to choose where my...

A Look into the First Day of an SCETV Intern | Endowment Intern Max

By Max Laro

Photo of SelfToday was my first day at SCETV’s Columbia station. As I sit here reflecting on my day with a refrigerated and questionably fresh slice of pizza, one major feature of the ETV station and its staff strikes me: their resilience. Despite the worldwide pandemic affecting workplaces around the country leaving so many Americans unsure about their livelihoods and even their lives, the ETV station seems to be an island of tranquility among a sea of turmoil. Everyone at the station was remarkably cognizant of social distance, and the implicit rules that they needed to follow to keep ETV staff safe. I...

How It Feels To Be Black And Blue In 2020

By Scott Morgan

Capt. Cheryl CromartieCapt. Cheryl Cromartie knew she wanted to be a police officer when she was nine years old. She was driving with her grandmother and saw something she'd never seen before -- a black female cop. She joined the Greenville County Sheriff's Office 27 years ago and still did not see many colleagues who looked like her. She decided to be a game-changer for African-American women who might want to consider police work. She succeeded, all the way up to a leadership position -- the first black woman in the department to achieve every new rung on the ladder. And now she's concerned that without some...

SC Entrepreneurial Update from the Swampfox

By Alfred Turner

John WarnerJohn Warner Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio An update of the news, issues, and events facing the entrepreneurial community in South Carolina. Mike Switzer interviews John Warner is co-founder of Accessible Diagnostics and the Swampfox Facebook page, based in Greenville, S.C.

Dive into SCETV Digital series

By Julia Roach

ETV Digital Have you ever found yourself in a crowded room surrounded by incredible people that you really want to talk to, but you don’t know with whom to start first? Likewise, with SCETV Digital, there is so much great information available at your fingertips that it might be difficult deciding where to begin. Check out the list below, which introduces you to five of our online Digital series that we think you will enjoy! It highlights the most viewed videos in each series. Begin your exploration of this locally produced South Carolina content now! What is it that draws people to South Carolina? Is it...

Making It Grow Extra: Mosquitos and Mosquitos

By Alfred Turner

Making It Grow Minute Extra logoClemson Extension Agent and host of Making It Grow . Amanda McNulty talks with Dr. Eric Benson, Clemson University Professor Emeritus & Extension Entomologist about mosquitos and mosquito control.

Artist creates in the time of COVID-19

By Leslie Leonard

'Robot Cistrens' sporting face masks created my Lovatelli“It was a lateral move,” says Flavia Lovatelli, a Columbia, South Carolina based artist, when speaking about her transition to life as an artist during COVID-19. Lovatelli’s studio is located in her backyard, but says all the social events like gallery openings and art fairs that “build us up for what we [artists] do have gone away, other than that the rest of my life is the same.” With public health experts accrediting facial covering as an effective tool to slow the spread of COVID-19, Lovatelli says, “I wanted to help myself and everybody around me by creating masks.” As a self-described...

Contact Sports Businesses Adjust to Life with COVID-19

By Scott Morgan

4febf903-2e2a-498f-bec3-a4a05266c53bHow does a gym for a high-contact sport like mixed martial arts or boxing go about its business when there’s a virus in the air that demands we stay far apart? The short answer: Carefully. “We have a beautiful space outdoors so we can definitely do our kickboxing classes six feet apart,” said Avery Richard, co-owner of Indian Land MMA. “We’re limiting the size of the classes, we’re limiting the contact, we offer classes that we have no contact at all. As far as the jiu-jitsu side goes, someone’s going to have one partner and that’s pretty much going to be their partner the entire week.”...

T. Lilly Little Water | Women Vision SC

By Linda O'Bryon

T. Lilly Little WaterCEO of the SC Indian Affairs Commission T. Lilly Little Water began her life’s passion of advocating for Indigenous People at age seventeen. “It’s something intangible and inexplicable that drives me. It feels like there are also a 1000 ancestors in my heart that are constantly giving me a nudge in this way or that way. They always give me direction.” That direction has led T. Lilly Little Water to 30 years of conducting social justice campaigns for Native Americans. She is CEO of the SC Indian Affairs Commission, where she organized the Indigenous Women’s Alliance Committee. She has also...

Global Diversification Matters to Your Money

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoEven with the recent volatility in the US stock market recently, we have still outperformed other countries’ markets over the past several years. Our next guest says this is leading some investors to question the value of investing internationally. Mike Switzer interviews Bryan Ballentine, a certified financial planner in Greenville, SC .