Ant Lion Pits

By Alfred Turner

Ant lion larva (Myrmeleontidae).

The indentations around the nest of an Ant Lion larva are for trapping prey.

"C" is for Chalmers, Lionel [1715-1777]

By Walter Edgar

South Carolina From A to Z

"C" is for Chalmers, Lionel [1715-1777]. Physician. Scientist. A native of Scotland, Chalmers was in Charleston in 1737 where he established a modest practice. In 1740 he entered into partnership with Dr. John Lining. Lining had been recording weather data for years. Between 1750 and 1759 Chalmers compiled his own series of meteorological records. Later he combined Lining’s records with his in his best known work, An Account of the Weather and Diseases in South Carolina—published in London in 1776.

"B" is for Bennett, Thomas, Jr. [1781-1865]. Governor

By Walter Edgar

South Carolina From A to Z

"B" is for Bennett, Thomas, Jr. [1781-1865]. Governor. With his father, Bennett built a lucrative lumber and rice mill business in Charleston. He was active in the Chamber of Commerce and served as a director of the Bank of the State of South Carolina, and the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston Railroad. He was mayor of Charleston and served six terms in the South Carolina House of Representatives—and was its Speaker. He was elected to the State Senate in 1819, but resigned a year later when he was elected Governor.

South Carolina Prepares to Issue Real I.D.s

By Tut Underwood

A regular, or non-compliant, drivers license.  It has no gold star and bears the phrase, "not for federal identification."

The Real I.D. Act of 2005 was passed by Congress in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks to standardize government-issued identifications, like drivers' licenses, for security purposes.  Beginning in 2018, South Carolinians will be able to get a Real I.D., which they must have by Oct. 1, 2020, in order to do activities such as board a commercial airplane, visit a secure federal building or a military post. 



Traditions in the New Year

By Lynn Cornfoot


Earlier this year we learned about certain superstitions many of us have. As we get ready to ring in a new year, a look at some more traditions celebrated during this time of year.