South Carolina’s Mental Health Centers Remain Open

By Scott Morgan

abstract mental health symbolUpdate, March 23, 2020: The Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center is now condusting routine consultations onlythrough phone and video. Director Roger Williams says serious cases, new patients, and patients exhibiting suicidal tendencies are still being seen in-person, after screening outside the building. Betsy O’Brien, executive director of the National Alliance On Mental Illness Piedmont Tri-County (NAMI) has an autistic son she and her husband almost couldn’t get in to see. He lives in a four-bedroom group home that, due to precautions surrounding coronavirus, is being treated like a...

SC Lede: COVID-19 — Our New Normal

By Sean Birch

SC LEDE logoOn this episode for March 18, 2020, we look at emergency funding measures passed by the state Senate, what a feeding operation for students in Kershaw County looks like and what the scene was like in Five Points on the last night bars were open in the state. Each of these special episodes is structured to give you straight up information up front followed by additional context and reporting, your voices, resources and tips and we end it all with a little wind down. And we want to hear from you! Leave us a 1-minute long voicemail at 803-563-7169 to tell us how you’re coping with COVID-19, how...

It's Census Time, South Carolina. But Can We Get Past the Hangups?

By Scott Morgan

Census graphicsA look at South Carolina's anticipated response rates to the 2020 Census. The redder the area, the less likely it is expected to respond. Such apathy can have huge consequences on school funding, government services, and representation on Election Day. Credit U.S. Census Bureau The Census. We've been doing it every 10 years since 1790 – in part because it's in the Constitution and in part because it's really, really important to know how many of us there are and where we live. That doesn't mean it's exactly easy to convince people to answer a bunch of personal questions. Jan Smiley, South...

SCETV provides programming and online content

By Tabitha Safdi

SCETV providing programming and online contentIn order to support families and educators, we’ve put together a list of content to help you through. We've also opened access to two of our locally presented shows, Yoga In Practice and Expeditions . You can always watch SCETV and PBS programs on-demand at . It's quality content you can trust. Watch SCETV’s quality programming online . Listen LIVE to South Carolina Public Radio anytime. Subscribe to our YouTube channel . Check out all of South Carolina ETV’s local content in one place. Education never stops for kids! Check out for content by subject and grade level...

Reel South Kicks Off Fifth Season on April 6

By Nick Price

Photographer Burk UzzleThis April, Reel South is poised to showcase the diversity and poignant storytelling of the American South again with the forthcoming Season 5 television series for PBS audiences nationwide. With 10 new films for a 2020 decade, the series embarks on an identity quest for the region and its stories positing the question: What Defines You? Beginning with the feature film from North Carolina-native Jethro Waters, "F11 and Be There" deftly portrays the life and philosophy of photojournalist and photographer Burk Uzzle whose seminal works document the 20th century Americana. In the most...

Marathoner Rachel Weeks | Original SC

By Tabitha Safdi

Marathoner Rachel WeeksIn 2002, Weeks was diagnosed with Usher syndrome, a condition causing vision and hearing loss. Weeks searched for ways to experience the world around her even with a limited field of vision. She was researching running for the visually impaired and came across a website on guide running, running while tethered to another person. After her first race Weeks was hooked.

Pi Day Celebrates a Number We Couldn't Live Without

By Tut Underwood

Saturday, 3/14, is Pi Day.  The mathematical constant known by the Greek letter pi is approximately 3.14, but actually, as an irrational number, goes on for infinity.  Also , happy birthday Albert Einstein, born 3/14!Saturday, March 14 is Pi Day, a day to celebrate that unique number represented by the Greek letter pi. It's about 3.14 (hence its celebration on 3/14), but University of South Carolina mathematician Josh Cooper says it's an irrational number, meaning it goes on forever after the decimal point. It's most well known for calculating the area of a circle (the famous formula Πr2, misunderstood in the old joke "pie are round, cornbread are square."), but Cooper said pie is used for all kinds of things in math and physics. A practical application of pi, he said, would be "if you wanted to pre-...

Mountain Laurel on the Coast?

By Alfred Turner

Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia), Greenville County, South CarolinaYes, you can find "disjunct" populations of Mountain laurel in pockets on the coast of South Carolina where the micro-climate is just right.

"Somewhere South" with Vivian Howard premieres March 27

By Don Godish

Vivian Howard with Chef Mashama BaileyHost and award-winning chef Vivian Howard takes viewers on a culinary tour of the South through cross-cultural dishes that appear on every neighbor’s table. In six one-hour episodes, chef and author Vivian Howard digs deeper into the lesser known roots of Southern food, Southern cooking, and Southern living. Her curiosity has made her beloved by the millions of people who watched her grow into an award-winning television host, best-selling author, and celebrated chef over five seasons of “A Chef's Life.” With “Somewhere South,” Howard serves as both student and guide, exploring cross-cultural...