Historic Hangar Gets New Life

By Lynn Cornfoot

Curtiss Wright hangar

When it comes to preserving a building on the National Register of Historic Places, time, money and effort are always part of the challenge.  If restoration is possible, then history can teach, inspire and help to revitalize a local community.

Gip (Full Episode)

By Melanie Jeffcoat

Gip on stage.

In 1952, gravedigger by day and bluesman by night Henry ‘Gip’ Gipson opened a ramshackle backyard juke joint in Alabama. Once scattered across the rural South, juke joints have become relics of the past. In the Spring of 2013, Gip’s Place, the last juke joint in Alabama, was raided and ordered to shut down. Gip follows the battle to keep the blues alive.

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President's Corner Monthly Newsletter, April 2018

By Anthony Padgett

Charlie's Place staff

Dear Viewers and Listeners:

April brings fresh new programming to SCETV.  A new Carolina Stories special looks at the history of the Myrtle Beach landmark Charlie’s Place, an African-American nightclub in the 1940s and ‘50s. Owner Charlie Fiitzgerald hosted such names as Etta James, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday, and today efforts are begin made to revitalize the neighborhood.

"M" is for Military Education

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina From A to Z

“M” is for Military Education. Since the antebellum period, southerners have regarded military education as an excellent way to instill self-discipline, integrity, patriotism, moral virtue, and a sense of civic duty in youths, particularly young men. The South Carolina Military Academy was founded in 1842 with two branches: Arsenal Academy in Columbia that evolved into a prep school and the Citadel in Charleston as a college. When Clemson Agricultural College opened in 1893, it instituted a military program.

Charleston Book Club Gives Veterans a Voice

By Victoria Hansen

Kate Hudson leads group discussion for veteran book club

It’s a Saturday morning and a small group meets at the downtown Charleston County Library, their thick books cracked open to the same page of “The Illiad”, an epic poem recounting the final weeks of the Trojan War.  It’s intense reading for 10 a.m.  But the ancient story resonates with the young soldiers at the long table.  It’s part of their book club for veterans.

“He was going to leave town without going to hunt her down and say goodbye,” said the group’s facilitator Kate Hudson.  “Why would he do that?”  There’s silence.   Then, former Marine Lee Gonzalez weighs in.

Thank You for Supporting South Carolina

By Anthony Padgett

ETV Endowment of SC 40th Anniversary

The ETV Endowment’s 40th anniversary is a moment to reflect on what you have accomplished for our state. Your thoughtful and continuing support is the reason for the successes South Carolina ETV and South Carolina Public Radio have realized.  SCETV will celebrate six decades this coming school year.  Together with the Endowment’s forty years, our partnership will provide a century of service to our state, our region and the nation.