Grits and Fish | Carolina Snaps


Did you know combining seafood like fish or shrimp with grits was thought to originate in Charleston, South Carolina?

Grits are truly ancient! They can be found before the European conquest or African enslavement in America. Certainly, before the War of Independence and the establishment of the United States.  

Back in 1950, the recipe for “Breakfast Shrimp” from the Charleston Receipts cookbook is the first-place shrimp and grits were noted in a cookbook. First you sauté the onion and green pepper pieces until golden in a skillet. Then you begin making a shrimp gravy to serve with grits.  

Other recipes advise you to tuck raw shrimp in the hot grits mixture and let them cook to doneness in the oven.  

Grits and shrimp have been breakfast favorites along the South Carolina coast.  

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