Tiny Techz Brings STEM Education to Young Students

By Andrea Esselman

Tiny Techz BrochureTiny Techz is a program designed to bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education to young students. It works with schools to teach students fundamental skills that will help them have successful futures. Tiny Techz was created by Chris Williams and Ricky West as a way to mentor students and introduce valuable knowledge to them early on.

Positive Impact of Foreign Investment in the Midlands

By Marina Ziehe

world globeForeign investment has been key to economic development efforts of the Midlands of South Carolina. Just in 2015, nearly twenty-four economic development projects, many of them announced by foreign-based companies, were announced. The projects are expected to create 2,200 jobs. Germany's Continental Tire (800) and China's Haier Corp. (410) account for "more than half of the job announcements made during the year," according to Columbia Regional Business Report. Columbia Regional Business Report released a list of projects announced in different counties. Take a look at new developments and...

How Should Salespeople Respond to Increased Price Sensitivity Among Consumers?

By Marina Ziehe

Salespeople meetingTake a look around your friendship circle. How many people are willing to pay a few extra cents per gallon for gasoline if a lower-priced station is nearby? How many people are willing to pay $70 dollars for a shirt if they can buy that same type of shirt of shirt for $20 dollars somewhere else? Consumers have been more price sensitive than ever before. This means that buyers are paying more attention to the price of a product rather than focusing on other purchasing criteria such as the quality of a product. How do salespeople respond to this? According to Bill McCrary, founder and CEO of...

Understanding Small Businesses and Their Impact on the State

By Kaitlyn Park

Woman at DeskJust by walking or driving down many streets in Richland and Lexington counties, it is easy to see that small businesses are growing, alongside the South Carolina economy. In fact, according to the Small Business Association , small businesses employed about half or 728,770 of the state’s private workforce in 2012, creating 20,645 new jobs. South Carolina’s private-sector employment growth increased by 2.6 percent over the 12-month period ending in October 2014, a figure higher than the national average of 2.3 percent. Wells Fargo is the current leading SBA 7(a) lender for the 2015 fiscal...

Students at W. J. Keenan High School are Building Skills with New Solar Panel System

By Marina Ziehe

Students at W. J. Keenan High School are Building Skills with New Solar Panel System11:30 am. Professor Kareem Beckett starts the class “Principles of Engineering” at W. J. Keenan High School talking about light, photons, particles, waves, and frequency. But this is just the beginning of what will culminate in the main subject of the day: solar energy. What is solar energy? How do solar photovoltaic cells work? What is a solar panel? How can solar energy help the economy? How do I know the size of solar panels I need in my house? These are just some questions discussed during the morning lesson, not only on paper, but also on site. At the beginning of the school year, Keenan...

Q&A | A Conversation with Todd Lewis about IT-oLogy's Initiative CoursePower

By Marina Ziehe

 Todd Lewis about IT-oLogy's Initiative CoursePowerResearch shows that South Carolina will experience a shortfall in tech talent in the next decade. This comes at a time when technology jobs are expected to grow significantly. According to , the Midlands of South Carolina will need 3,000 IT professionals over the next decade and is on track to produce only 1,650. How do we fill this gap? Initiatives like CoursePower aim to do just that. Todd Lewis, executive director of IT-oLogy Columbia, answers our questions about the program. Q: What is CoursePower? A: CoursePower is a minor or certificate in Applied Computing available at...

Meet Lasenta Lewis-Ellis, Owner of LLE Construction Group, LLC

By Marina Ziehe

Lasenta Lewis-Ellis, Owner of LLE Construction Group, LLCLasenta Lewis-Ellis is the owner of a local construction company, LLE Construction Group, LLC . Her business began operating in February 2011 as one of the few minority, women-owned, experienced, small general contracting and management firms located in Columbia, South Carolina.

Q&A | A Conversation with Laina Faber, Founder of the Startup

By Marina Ziehe

Laina Faber is the founder of DebutMagazine.comLaina Faber is the founder of , a start-up digital publication that publishes shoppable fashion and beauty content, and lifestyle articles for women. Laina is a Columbia native. She grew up in Forest Acres and attended A.C. Flora High School. She graduated in 2000 with a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. After living in Charleston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Charlotte, she firmly settled back in Columbia around 2010. She has worked with Faber Enterprises, LLC, a family owned General Construction firm, where she handles business...

10 Tips for Giving the Perfect Investor Pitch

By Marina Ziehe

Workshop taking place in room full of peopleCOLUMBIA, S.C. – What is the biggest obstacle to starting a business? For most people, the answer is money. There are several ways a startup can find money to get started. These include applying for micro loans or business loans, crowdfunding, starting a part-time job, borrowing money from friends and family, or, if your business has the potential to grow to a significant size, look for angel investor groups. In this case, you will need a business plan and be able to prove that your business will make enough money to make the investors a nice profit. During the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship...

Columbia Native, CEO of The Euniek Group, Stands Out in the Music Industry

By Marina Ziehe

Kevin FelderKevin Felder is a businessman. He grew up in Columbia, South Carolina. After spending ten years in the radio industry, Kevin decided to step into the world of advertising. His company, The Euniek Group , helps small and medium-sized businesses navigate through radio, television, and social media advertising, while consulting them on branding best strategies. Kevin is also one of the co-organizers of 1 Million Cups Columbia and is very active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the community. But Kevin has another “euniek” talent. He is also a Christian rap-recording artist, and his songs play...