SC Student Wins Top Entrepreneurship Prize

By Mike Switzer

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The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, a national nonprofit based in NY City, partners with the Citi Foundation each year to host the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.  The $10,000 top prize this year went to an 18-year-old YesCarolina student from our state’s Lowcountry for her business plan for reusable fabric cloths that can remove makeup without the addition of water.

Mike Switzer interviews Jasmine Adams, founder of Smudgies in Charleston, SC.

Does Your Business Have the Write Stuff?

By Mike Switzer

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It may surprise you to hear this, but our next guest says that it is not uncommon for a company to not have any written documentation describing how their business actually works: who does what, what does what, what connects to what, and on and on.  That's not you, is it?

Mike Switzer interviews Kasie Whitener, president and founder of Clemson Road Consulting in Columbia, SC.

Inside a Yarn Factory

By Tabitha Safdi

Yarn Factory

Parkdale in Gaffney, S.C. is one of the largest yarn factories in the world. They produce enough yarn to go to the moon and back multiple times a day and use the most up to date technology to make sure they continue to do so.

Aerospace Industry Expanding in Upstate

By Mike Switzer

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Our next guest has appeared on our show a few times over the last decade because he continues to make his presence known in our state's aerospace industry, well before Boeing came to South Carolina.  He has been busy buying, selling and growing companies since 1997 and his latest move is into the global air cargo industry.

Mike Switzer interviews Steve Townes, CEO and founder of Ranger Aerospace in Greenville, SC, and his newest job title: chair of the board at ACL Airshop.

Persimmon Hill Hops

By Sean Flynn


Clemson Extension Agent Paul Thompson visits Persimmon Hill Hops in Smyrna, SC and talks with owner Larry Feller on how they grow, harvest and package hops.

Midlands Company Celebrates $300 Million Order

By Mike Switzer

Hakan Ozmen

As telecom companies continue to fight harder for more customers, they are aggressively upgrading their infrastructure.  And this is benefiting not only the cell phone users in our state but our manufacturing industry, as well.  Our next guest’s company in the Midlands of South Carolina, for example, recently inked a $300 million optical cable contract from Verizon.

Mike Switzer interviews Hakan Ozmen, president and CEO of Prysmian Group North America in Lexington, SC.

Telehealth Industry Marketing to Senior Citizens

By Mike Switzer

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A few years ago, our next guest’s company entered the fast-growing telehealth industry.  They have now decided to add that same technology to the fast-growing senior citizen home health care market.  How are new technologies and services like these faring in the face of today’s many healthcare uncertainties?

Mike Switzer interviews Chris Cole, president of eDocHome in Greenville, SC.