Small Towns Struggle To Attract Investment

By Alfred Turner

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In today’s very competitive world of economic development, small and rural towns and counties often find themselves behind the eight-ball, unable to match the incentives offered by their larger counterparts to attract business investment.  But our next guest says a little imagination and creativity may be the answer. Mike Switzer interviews C.D.

Experts Make Predictions for South Carolina's 2018 Economy

By Tut Underwood

File: An information packet from last year's Economic Outlook Conference at USC.

Like the stock market, which has reached all-time highs in recent weeks, consumer confidence is high.   And that same optimism is fueling the economic outlook for South Carolina for 2018.  Economists Joey Von Nessen and Doug Woodward participated in a recent conference in Columbia, in which they predicted slow but steady growth of the economy in the coming year, at a rate of 2.1 percent.  Personal income should be rise to 4.3%, up from 3.8%, said Von Nessen.  The experts said large companies have brought many jobs to the state, turning around the general wisdom that small business historica

Upstate Business Has Gone to the Dogs

By Mike Switzer

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Many of us around the country find ourselves on our sofas glued to the TV on Thanksgiving.  OK maybe it’s because we can’t move after stuffing on stuffing, but let’s face it, the National Dog Show is fascinating!  (You probably thought I was going to mention the parade or football.)  Our next guest is capitalizing on the need for well-behaved dogs, building a significant dog-training business not only in the Upstate where she is headquartered, but all over the country and now the globe.