Hurricane Matthew: Ways to Volunteer and Donate

Donations Here Sign at Red Cross Shelter

Please see the information below to volunteer or donate in support of Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts.  For additional information, please call 1-888-585-9643.

Volunteer Services

South Carolina greatly appreciates all offers to help with clean-up and recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.  South Carolina Emergency Management Divison is still assessing damage and will know more about our volunteer needs as we move forward.  They advise citizens to think about volunteering within your own networks. If you are a member of a church or civic group, find out if plans are being made to respond to relief efforts. If you are not affiliated with a group, please register at Volunteer opportunities will be added as officials move in after the storm to assess the damage, and registering will allow us to best match volunteers with the appropriate opportunities.  Please keep in mind that many volunteer opportunities require specialized training, and we want to ensure all volunteers are safe as we begin recovery operations. SCEMD’s website has a list of volunteer organizations at


SCEMD is still assessing damage and will know more about our needs as we move forward. Because donations of products for disaster relief require transportation, warehousing, and distribution of the products, the most effective offer is a monetary donation through the One SC fund. This fund is used to support nonprofit organizations providing relief and recovery assistance to disaster victims and will allow us to direct those funds to charitable organizations assisting South Carolina victims. These organizations will use your donation to purchase - locally if possible - the exact items needed to meet the needs of the victims.

SCEMD also encourages you to donate locally to food pantries, faith-based organizations, and other nonprofits.  


SCEMD is not directly accepting used clothing items. However, they are requesting that any in-state clothing donations be taken to a charitable organization within your community. These organizations already have the resources to make the best use of clothing donations. 


SCEMD is requesting that South Carolina citizens take collected food items to local food banks or other charitable organizations. These local food banks and organizations work with us and will distribute food to the victims in South Carolina and other impacted areas. If you will be conducting a food drive for disaster relief, please contact the South Carolina Food Bank Association to get information on most-needed items.