The Art of Restoration

Concerned with the lack of skilled artisans to repair the historical structures of America, one private college works hard to fill that gap. The American College of Building Arts is a private learning institution located in Charleston, South Carolina. They are bringing up the next generation of blacksmiths, carpenters, stone carvers, and more. Their emphasis is on training highly skilled craftsmen able to create new and also restore historical landmarks. Their students, upon graduation, have ended up all over the world and across the United States. They have repaired famous landmarks like Mount Vernon, but also have made their own impact on American architecture by creating structures that are built to last for hundreds of years.

Many of the seniors have credited their success to the highly specialized yet personal classes at the college. Although they are small, they are taught by individuals who are master craftsmen in their trade, some having come from France, Germany, and England. Here is a look into some of the activities going on at this busy college.