Knowitall Media Meets S.C. at the Intersection of Education and Technology

Short promotion describing the new Knowitall Media

At the intersection of education and technology lives South Carolina's Knowitall Media. Knowitall Media features a wide assortment of video content from the original The Knowitall team is continually adding content to bring education to your fingertips.

Knowitall Media features videos that are optimized for tablets and mobile devices. “For our users, a little bit of spare time can be turned instantly productive because the learning can continue in between other tasks,” says Mimi Wortham-Brown, SCETV’s archivist and a member of ETV's web services staff. “I enjoy pulling content out of our tape vault and making these rich resources available for education! I’ve so enjoyed working on pulling together our Collections around Hispanic Heritage Month, Constitution Day, Veterans Day and Native American Heritage Month, and there are more to come! Right now, we’re adding ghost stories for Halloween, additional content for Native American Heritage Month, and interviews with Holocaust survivors for our Holocaust Remembrance Collection.”

The videos are easy to locate by series title or website name, and can also be located by grade level, subject area and search term. You can use the search engine, which makes searching a breeze. When you select a series to view, and the first program in the series comes up, just scroll a little farther down and you’ll see MORE IN THIS SERIES. The arrows take you to all the subsequent videos. This makes it so quick to find exactly the program you need.

“Knowitall has been such a fun project to be a part of. Not only have we viewed and chosen past programs to provide never before available content, but our new format allows us to quickly upload timely, more up to date content,” says Kaitlyn Park the digital media production assistant on the project. “In the next few months, we are looking forward to working with teachers and students to create innovative, exciting and useful series, videos and resources for the classroom. I believe the combination of these abilities will take Knowitall Media to places was not necessarily able to go before.”

Students get a front row seat of history and science by using the videos in the classroom and at home. Students can also become their own pioneer as they research and explore topics on their own. And the Knowitall team has made it easy for teachers as well by offering Resources here. The team at Knowitall Media treasures feedback with your thoughts and ideas about ways they can help you, or with any questions or comments.