Teacher Cadet Program Making an Impact Across the Nation

The Teacher Cadet Program uses an innovative approach to attract talented young people to the teaching profession.

The Teacher Cadet Program was piloted in four high schools from 1985 to 1986. The program quickly grew to 28 schools in its second year, all of which still offer the Teacher Cadet Program. According to Marcella Wine-Snyder, Program Director for Teacher Cadets, “Right now we have 170 sites in the state…but not only is it making an impact here in South Carolina; it is making an impact nationally. The Teacher Cadet program is the only national program across the U.S. that focuses on pre-collegiate teacher recruitment. South Carolina’s model has become a model for the nation.” 

“There is absolutely nothing more important to the future of South Carolina than the quality of what happens in a classroom,” says Carol Jackson, English Department Head and Teacher Cadet Instructor at Dutch Fork High School

In this video, students, teachers and administration from Dutch Fork High School talk about the Teacher Cadet program and its importance to South Carolina.