Expungements, Housing, and Finding Work in South Carolina

By Scott Morgan

man placing file in trashYou did something when you were younger. Something kind of stupid that got you busted, way way back when you were a different person. And now you can't seem to find a decent place to live or a decent job because of an arrest – not even a conviction! – that's still stuck on your record. The first thing a lot of people in this position think of is a pardon, says Jamie Bell, managing attorney for South Carolina Legal Services ' office in Rock Hill. But pardons are hard to come by. A much safer bet is an expungement. An expungement is the erasure of an arrest or conviction from the permanent...

Flu Shots Help South Carolinians Have a Healthier Winter

By Tut Underwood

injectionFlu season runs approximately from October to May, so it's in full swing, with more cases being reported as the weather gets colder. Health agencies statewide are urging people to get their flu shots. One reason some people don't, according to DHEC's Dr. Theresa Foo, is an old belief that flu shots actually give people a mild case of the flu. Not true, she says. "The flu shot does not cause the flu. There's no active virus in the flu shot. The most common reaction to getting a flu shot is a sore arm." A little swelling or redness at the site of the shot is the usual result, and that generally...

Charleston Artist Honors Our Nation's Veterans

By Victoria Hansen

"Bunker" depicts homeless veteran Dennis of California as if he is surrounded by gunfire.Charleston artist Mary Whyte secretly scoured the country painting portraits for seven years as part of her latest project, "We the People". Her ambition is as extraordinary as her subjects; our nation's veterans. "I really believe our truest Americans really are our veterans," says Whyte. Known for her watercolor paintings depicting American life, Whyte became part journalist part historian for her latest venture. She knew she wanted to depict a variety of veterans from each of the 50 states. But she wasn't exactly sure where to find them. So, she stopped by the chamber of commerce in...

SC Lede: Trail Bites — Pete Buttigieg

By Gavin Jackson

SC LEDE logoOn this edition for the week of December 4, 2019, host Gavin Jackson takes us to a recent campaign stop by South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg in Okatie, SC. You can watch Pete Buttigieg's full remarks in Okatie, SC here . More campaign stops from candidates who visit South Carolina during the campaign can be found on the SCETV YouTube page . And you can subscribe to South Carolina Lede in Apple Podcasts , Google Play , and Stitcher , and Spotify. You can also follow the show on Instagram and Twitter .

SC Lede: South Carolina Magistrates — Easier Than Becoming A Barber!

By Gavin Jackson

Gavin Jackson with Joe Cranney (r) in the South Carolina Public Radio studios on Monday, December 2, 2019.On this edition of the South Carolina Lede , host Gavin Jackson is joined by The Post and Courier's Joe Cranney to look at the controversial world of magistrate judges in South Carolina. These judges wield life-changing powers, but most of them don't have law degrees, undergo less training that police officers and barbers, and have remained on the bench despite disciplinary actions. You can read Joe Cranney's investigation into South Carolina magistrate judges , written in collaboration with ProPublica, on the Post and Courier's site here . Then, South Carolina Public Radio's Russ McKinney...

Origins of the Carolina-Clemson Rivalry: Why are These Two Great Schools at Odds?

By Linda Nunez

University of South Carolina football team of 1896.Every fall, fans of the University of South Carolina and Clemson University square up and begin preparing for one of the oldest rivalry games in southeast college football. For some, it means a bit of good old-fashioned ribbing and jokes that cast the other team in a not-so-flattering light; but for others, the football rivalry goes deeper, sometimes even going as far as dividing family members at the Thanksgiving Day dinner table. But have you ever wondered when, and why this legendary rivalry took root? I took the scenic drive from Columbia up to Clemson to draw on the knowledge of Dr...

Innovative ICU Keeps Camden Man Close to Home

By Julia Shillinglaw

Johnny Fellers and his wife in front of furniture storeWhen Johnny Fellers became ill one night, he thought it was related to his diabetes. After being admitted to KershawHealth hospital, he was sent to ICU. In the ICU, the KershawHealth team decided to use telehealth to help with his diagnosis. “Community hospitals like Camden often times don’t have access to pulmonologists or critical care intensivists...medical experts. Telehealth allows us to bring medical expertise to these more remote communities.” says Dr. Tallulah Holmstrom, the Chief Medical Officer at KershawHealth. In Fellers' case, telehealth was crucial. It allowed for other experts...

South Carolina ETV announces promotions for radio leadership

SC Public RadioCOLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina ETV (SCETV) today announced promotions for the leadership of its radio network – South Carolina Public Radio (SC Public Radio). Sean Birch has been named director of programming and operations, and John Gasque is now the network’s news director. A member of the SCETV team since 1983, Gasque has worked in various departments for the agency, including Engineering, News and Public Affairs and, most recently, SC Public Radio. He began his career in local television, where he spent time at several stations as a news reporter and videographer. Gasque holds a bachelor...

Tele-specialist visits showcased during Telehealth Awareness Week

By Julia Shillinglaw

Tidelands nurse uses telehealth cart to get the patient connected to a MUSC specialist. Telehealth Awareness Week (TAW) is an annual observance by proclamation of Governor McMaster highlighting telehealth programs and services available right in our communities, around the state. Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, regardless of where they live. Each year, the third full week of October provides an opportunity to educate the public on telehealth capabilities for more efficient and effective health care . This year included several events including an opportunity to showcase tele-specialist visits for endocrinology, stroke, epilepsy, neuro-psychiatry, movement...

SC Lede: Trail Bites — Saying High To Joe Biden

By Gavin Jackson

SC Lede logoOn this edition, host Gavin Jackson speaks with former Vice President Joe Biden before a town hall forum at Lander University on Nov. 21, 2019. Biden discussed what his South Carolina momentum might look like after early voting states in February, his thoughts on Sen. Cory Booker's debate dig where he said Biden might've been high when he recently discussed his stance on marijuana, whether vaping should be outlawed, what might happen if former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg jumps in the 2020 fray, how to appeal to disenfranchised Republican voters, and more. You can watch this interview and...