Quite Content Farm

By Sean Flynn

Quite Content FarmQuite Content Farm in the heart of Camden, SC. Here, Stephanie Tetterton grows lots of produce on her farm, but keeps her family tradition going by specializing in the Shirley Hammond Multiplier Onion!

Mod Squad Martha

By Sean Flynn

Mod Squad MarthaJoining us in our kitchen are Suzy Ellison of the South Carolina Specialty Food Association from the South Carolina Department of Agriculture along with Melissa Ann Barton from Mod Squad Martha. Having worked with country musicians in Nashville, Melissa has developed a Chive Jive Vinaigrette, Bluebird Vinaigrette and Music Row Moroccan Marinade & Rub. Melissa shows uses these along with local produce and ingredients to create some healthy dishes.

Chainsaw Safety Information

By Sean Flynn

Chainsaw Safety InformationClemson Extension Agents and Agents from the University of Georgia Extension have been traveling their states presenting a chainsaw safety program funded by a grant from OSHA. For our viewers, Clemson Agents Chase Smoak and Vicky Bertagnolli will show and talk about the importance of personal protective equipment and maintaining their chainsaw for optimal safety.

Suffering from the Retirement Blues?

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoRetirement is one of biggest, if not the biggest, financial goals for most Americans. It is generally a highly anticipated event, promoted by TV commercials showing silver haired retirees enjoying safaris in Africa, dancing on beautiful beaches or playing in parks with grandchildren. However, our next guest says that research is showing that many retirees, even those who are financially secure, are not experiencing the personal satisfaction they anticipated. Joining Mike Switzer by phone to help explore some strategies to avoid the retirement blues, is Roy Janse, a certified financial planner...

The 2019 South Carolina Ag and Art Tour

By Sean Flynn

The 2019 South Carolina Ag and Art TourThe South Carolina Ag + Art Tour a free, self-guided tour of farms and farmers markets featuring local artisans at every stop! The tour will be rolling into 10 South Carolina counties over every weekend in June!

Green Steps Schools - Catawba Trail Elementary

By Sean Flynn

Catawba Trail ElementaryKeep the Midlands Beautiful, Sonoco Recycling, and DHEC’s Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling established Green Steps Schools in 2003 as part of South Carolina’s “Resource Conservation Challenge.” This environmental education initiative encourages individual schools to take annual steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible.

Made Here | Sustainable Wall Decor

By Kaitlyn Cannon

Wildly Urban Wall DecorWildly Urban is a company that creates hand-crafted air plant decor using reclaimed wood and salvaged leather. Owner Carrie Gordon discusses her passion for sustainability. She explains, "I came up with this idea after my husband started his business and we had a lot of leftover wood pieces laying around that he was either going to trash or burn. I thought it was such pretty wood that surely I can do something with it." She also talks about the uniqueness of air plants, saying, "Airplants are really special because Number 1, they don't require dirt. You can put them literally anywhere in your...

Moths and Yucca

By Alfred Turner

Making It Grow MinuteCredit SC Public Radio Hello Gardeners, I'm Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow . Some hummingbird moths, so named because of their size, visit yucca flowers at night to enjoy their nectar. But the important pollinators are yucca moths. Relatively small white insects, the female moth enters yucca flowers and uses special mouthparts called tentacles to collect pollen, which she rolls into a ball to transport. She lays her eggs in the ovary of a yucca flower, and then places some of the fresh pollen onto the female stigma. Since pollination has occurred, the flower's ovules...

Spanish Bayonet

By Alfred Turner

Making It Grow MinuteCredit SC Public Radio Hello Gardeners, I'm Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow . Like Yucca aloifolia, Spanish Bayonet, the plant called Spanish Dagger, Yucca gloriosa, also is native only to the lower southeastern states. Although it has a similar size and flower display, its leaves aren't quite so stiff and have a less lethal point at the end. John Nelson tells me the margins of Yucca gloriosa leaves are smooth and won't cut your fingers. So if you have an outdoor area you want to add drama to or need a line of plants to define an area, go to the trouble to find Yucca...