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The S.C. State House

Calling all history enthusiasts!

South Carolina’s history is arguably one of the richest in the United States – from the prehistoric era to the present day, our state has so many stories to tell. One way to learn more about South Carolina’s history is to physically visit historical sites and museums. Another way is to watch any of the 179 locally-produced historical documentaries listed below.  South Carolina ETV is pleased to bring you historical content, on-demand with the convenience of your computer and/or smart device! The program links below are categorized by time period and available to watch anytime you want!  Begin exploring South Carolina history now, and enjoy!
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prehistoric era

Prehistoric Era And First Peoples

early explorers

Early Explorers

colonial period

Colonial Period


revolutionary war

The American Revolution


US Constitution signers

The Federal Period


Antebellum/The Civil War

53. Jolly
forty acres and a mule



Late 19th Century/Early 20th Century

World War I soldiers

World War I

Small town in early 20th century

The Great Depression/1930’s

World War II bomber

World War II

crowd standing in front of store with lunch counter

The Cold War And Civil Rights Movement


Late 20th Century/The New Millennium

130. Pee-Wee


More South Carolina History

169. Profile
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