Those Who Remain (1991) | ETV Classics

The original people of the land that is now South Carolina and the wider United States are by no means gone, even if their ancestral homes and significant parts of their culture have been lost through both deliberate extermination and as side effects of cruel displacement. In a wide swath of places and ways, their descendants still live on, exploring and valuing their culture and heritage in their own ways.

Those Who Remain, an original special from 1991, is a collection of several different Native Americans from South Carolina and their personal problems and approaches. A dentist who spends her evenings with Catawba pottery, a Santee chief who also works both a steel company and the land he maintains, a Pee Dee family that both organizes tribal dances to revitalize spirit and leads high school football and cheerleading, a Chicora chief protesting a reproduction of one of Columbus’ ships, and an adopted Edisto who helps teach old traditions to children on archaeology days at historic sites. All of these people and more deal with modern, everyday lives just as much as the realities of their cultural heritage.