Andrew Davis

Digital Media Production Assistant
Andrew Davis

“Emollit Mores Nec Sinit Esse Feros” – “Learning Humanizes Character, and Does Not Permit It To Be Cruel.”

Andrew Davis graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2012, with his bachelor’s degree in history. After completing a video and editing internship at SCETV’s Columbia location, he now serves as the Digital Media Production Assistant for  Andrew has been at ETV since 2017, and is able combine his passion for history, with video production skills, to create digital content for


By Andrew Davis

September 11, 2020

Test your history knowledge
When the digital SCETV series History In A Nutshell came to fruition, its goal was simple: to aid educators by highlighting historical topics not previously found on History is most definitely in abundance – not just here in the great state of South Carolina, but around the world...

By Andrew Davis

July 30, 2020

South Carolina African American History Calendar:  August Honoree - Joe Neal
Rev. Neal was a compassionate force who gave voice to the voiceless and stood tall for those who could not. In addition to being the co-chair of the South Carolina Progressive Network, Neal was also a member of the NAACP, the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and many other organizations. The Joseph H. Neal Health Collaborative in Columbia is named in his honor. He passed away on February 14, 2017.

By Andrew Davis

June 29, 2020

SC African American History Calendar: July Honoree - Roy I. Jones
Dr. Roy I. Jones is a lifelong educator who has served in South Carolina institutions for nearly 40 years. Jones is the Executive Director of the Call Me MiSTER program and Provost Distinguished Professor in Clemson University’s College of Education. MiSTER works to increase the number of teachers from diverse backgrounds, particularly among the nation’s lowest performing schools.

By Andrew Davis

June 4, 2020

Dizzy Gillespie
A viewer by the name of Annette Geraghty posed a question to South Carolina ETV: "Are there any connections between the states of New York and South Carolina?" At first glance, it would appear that the two states vastly differ from one another. However, after doing some research, New York and South...

By Andrew Davis

May 29, 2020

“Let’s Go!” enables visitors to view historic S.C. sites, anytime, anywhere!
South Carolina ETV’s Telly Award-winning virtual reality series “Let’s Go!” brings a collection of unique and fascinating sites throughout the state to the convenience of your computer and/or smart device! So, what are the top 10 “Let’s Go!” sites in South Carolina? Join us as we count down the...

By Andrew Davis

May 28, 2020

SC African American History Calendar: June Honoree – James S. Hall
Reverend James S. Hall Jr. was born in 1932, in Marion, S.C. to Reverend James S. Hall Sr. and Mrs. Eliza Hall. Hall attended primary school in Marion and then earned a B.S. in Education and a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Morris College in Sumter, S.C.

By Andrew Davis

April 28, 2020

SC African American History Calendar: May Honoree - Benjamin James Glover
Rev. Dr. Benjamin James Glover was born in the Promised Land community near Greenwood, S.C., on October 26, 1915. From the age of seven, he was inspired to accept the calling of becoming a pastor and prepared himself for a lifetime of teaching and educating people about God. He attended the public...

By Andrew Davis

April 11, 2020

The S.C. State House
Calling all history enthusiasts! South Carolina’s history is arguably one of the richest in the United States – from the prehistoric era to the present day, our state has so many stories to tell. One way to learn more about South Carolina’s history is to physically visit historical sites and...

By Andrew Davis

March 25, 2020

SC African American History Calendar April Honoree – Judge Richard E. Fields
Judge Richard E. Fields was born and raised in Charleston, S.C. He attended high school at the Avery Institute, graduated from West Virginia State College in 1944, and earned his law degree in 1947 from the Howard University School of Law. He was one of the first African Americans to open a law office in Charleston since the early 1900s. Judge Fields’ private and professional endeavors have included many religious, civic, and political activities, acquiring leadership positions in each area.

By Andrew Davis

February 27, 2020

SC African American History Calendar - March Honoree: Mignon Clyburn
Mignon L. Clyburn became the first woman head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) when she was appointed Acting Chair by President Barack Obama in May 2013. She was also the first African American woman nominated to the commission. She served on the FCC for nearly nine years.