Circle of Inheritance (1998) | ETV Classics

Circle of Inheritance gives us a glimpse into the history of pre-colonial and colonial South Carolina to learn about the Native Americans who called this area home!

Did you know that the first humans to come to the Americas followed ice age mammals across a land mass over the Bering Strait from Asia 11,000 years ago?  Visit the virtual field trip and learn about archaeological evidence of the Indians found here in South Carolina.

Native Americans were the only dwellers here until explorers from Spain, France and England set about gaining wealth and settling colonies for their kings and queens. Watch Circle of Inheritance to learn more about the relations of the Native Americans with the Spanish, French and English. For more information about the Native Americans, there are many other programs available for you to view as well.

Side Notes:

  • The Catawba, who are the only federally recognized tribe in South Carolina today, were one of the four main Native American tribes living in present-day South Carolina during the American Revolution. The other three were the Cherokee, Creek, and Cusabo.