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Independent Lens is America’s home for independent documentary film.


  • Two Gods

    A Muslim mortician uses the rituals of death to teach two troubled teenagers how to live b
  • Part 8 | Philly D.A. | Episode 8

    Frustrated Krasner supporters warn he must accelerate plans to phase out cash bail.
  • Part 7 | Philly D.A. | Episode 7

    Krasner must decide whether to pursue a rarity—murder charges against a cop.
  • Part 6 | Philly D.A. | Episode 6

    A councilmember bridges constituents plagued by the opioid crisis with the unorthodox D.A.
  • Part 5 | Philly D.A | Episode 5

    A skeptical parole board and his own pride stand between a man and freedom.
  • Part 4 | Philly D.A. | Episode 4

    LaTonya Myers fights for probation reform, but any slip-up could send her back to prison.
  • Part 3 | Philly D.A. | Episode 3

    The murder of a police sergeant tests the D.A.’s resolve to never seek the death penalty.
  • Part 2 | Philly D.A. | Episode 2

    Krasner and his team battle to obtain the complete police misconduct files.


  • Senior Prom

    For residents of an LGBTQ+ retirement home, “senior” prom takes on a whole new meaning.
  • The Dancing Man of L.A.

    A one-man dance party and fixture of the LA concert scene copes during the COVID pandemic.
  • The Great World of Gregory Blackstock

    The richly obsessive life and work of a renowned autistic artist comes to life.
  • American Nomads Short Film

    Meet these American Nomads, who made their homes while living their best life on the road.
  • Daughters of Addiction

    Over the last decade, the rate of female incarceration in Tennessee has jumped a whopping
  • Driver Radio: Jamaica, Episode 1

    Don and Ron head from Kingston to rural Jamaica, for cooler temps and good fishing.
  • Driver Radio: Jamaica, Episode 2

    The Brodies take a tour of reminiscence with an old acquaintance in Jamaica.
  • Driver Radio: Jamaica, Episode 3

    How hard is it to run a taxi service in Kingston, Jamaica? The Brodie brothers find out.

About Independent Lens

Independent Lens is America’s home for independent documentary film.