Explore America's possible future scenarios from creative perspectives.


  • Teacher in a Box

    Replaced by an avatar, a jaded teacher protects a girl who invented a lucrative product.
  • Happy Fun Room

    Can the host of a once-popular kid’s show adapt as the world has changed around her?
  • A Robot Walks into a Bar

    A robot’s mission is to excel at his new job as a bartender while avoiding human injury.
  • Ant

    When digital psych meds prove dangerous, a therapist risks his life to avert catastrophe.
  • Code Academy

    In a future where boys and girls are kept apart, expert hackers push gender boundaries.
  • As You Were

    The near future: an injured soldier with advanced prosthetics must reconnect with family.
  • Children of the Northern Lights

    Children of the Northern Lights - FUTURESTATES Season 4
  • Hollow

    Hollow - FUTURESTATES Season 4


  • Play

    Has society's obsession with video online gaming gone too far?

About FutureStates

What will become of America in five, 25, or even 50 years? FutureStates is a series of fictional mini-features exploring possible future scenarios through the lens of today's global realities. Immerse yourself in the visions of these independent prognosticators as they project a future of their own imagining.