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Palmetto Scene Election Programming Continues

October 28, 2016 - Posted in News by Aimee Crouch
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Palmetto Scene continues to air back-to-back episodes (Thursdays, 7:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., ETV) that will focus on candidates running for federal office in South Carolina.

Although the biggest interest has been focused on the presidential race, here in South Carolina, all 7 congressional seats and one U.S. Senate seat are up for grabs. We have offered each qualified candidate running for federal office in S.C. a chance to address their constituents. ETV uses a set of Candidate Interview Participation Criteria to determine those who can participate in these programs. Not all qualified candidates were available, but we offered their challengers a one-on-one interview to share their ideas.

The programs are hosted by Charles Bierbauer, Dean of the College of Mass Communications & Information Studies, at the University of South Carolina and a former CNN Senior Washington Correspondent and ABC News Moscow Bureau Chief. The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, October 20  (now available online)

7:00 PM – Candidates running for District 7, Tom Rice and Mal Hyman

7:30 PM – Individual candidate interviews, including Hosea Cleveland, District 3; Chris Fedalei, District 4; and Laura Sterling, District 6.


Thursday, October 27 (now available online)

7:00 PM – Candidates running for District 1, Mark Sanford and Dimitri Cherny

7:30 PM – Candidates running for District 2, Joe Wilson, Ark Bjorn, and Eddie McCain


Thursday, November 3

7:00 PM – Candidates running for District 5, Fran Person and Rudy Barnes

7:30 PM – Individual candidate interview with Thomas Dixon, running for U.S. Senate.





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