World War I | History In A Nutshell

Getting its start on, "History In A Nutshell" is a series of videos which explains historical events in a short, straightforward, and somewhat quirky manner. The aim of this series is to employ use of animations, memes, and visuals to explain history, in an easy to understand way. is always expanding its collection of content, and wherever there are gaps in social studies content, this series' goal is to fill those gaps. The series is catered not just for classroom use, but for enjoyment of general audiences, as well! Each episode also features a supplementary photo gallery, and bibliography.

The pilot episode of History In A Nutshell is all about World War I. This episode explains key elements about "The Great War," or "The Forgotten War," such as how World War I got started, the countries involved, why the United States entered the conflict, advancements in technology, the socio-economic effects of the Treaty of Versailles, and more!