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Public radio and television are mission-driven organizations that contribute to the local community and the quality of life of those who live in it. Let us help you create a unique marketing plan that includes South Carolina ETV and SC Public Radio. You may sponsor specific programs or we can design your sponsorship around specific genre or demographics.

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Why sponsor ETV and SC Public Radio?


In South Carolina, public broadcasting is the preeminent media source for the state. Our network consists of 8 radio stations and 11 television stations. From the mountains to the ocean, South Carolina ETV and SC Public Radio has tremendous statewide reach, resulting in more viewers and listeners, unmatched by any other local media.

Loyal Audience

Affluent, educated, influential and active are a few of the unique attributes of the public broadcasting audience. Given their affluence, level of education, and social status, our audience is often recognized as community leaders and has significant purchasing power. Your sponsorship message can reach this group of active and engaged audience. 1

Halo Effect

NPR listeners value and appreciate public broadcasting as a positive presence in their lives and their favorable feeling toward public radio extends to funders who help make this programming possible.2 In the minds of our viewers, PBS is strongly associated with quality, excellence and respect. As a sponsor, these are qualities that viewers associate with you!3


ETV and SC Public Radio are membership organizations with huge, influential and highly loyal audiences. Get your sponsorship message out to many people in a cost effective way and build brand loyalty as well.4


In 2015, for the twelfth consecutive year, the American public has rated PBS the most trustworthy institution among nationally known organizations and an excellent use of tax dollars, second only to the military.5 The 2014 Erdos & Morgan national study of opinion leaders verified that PBS News and Public affairs programming continues to be a trusted source for news and information that opinion leaders turn to on a regular basis.6


  • 75% say that sponsors provide a valuable public service
  • 64% agree that sponsors are good corporate citizens
  • 60% feel that sponsors have a commitment to quality & excellence 
  • 49% choose to buy products from our sponsors over the competition, all things equal3


Need more? How about the fact that few media sources are as dependably uncluttered and sure of their audience's full attention? We restrict the number of sponsorships for each program. And we provide industry exclusivity for your sponsorship thereby increasing your product awareness. At ETV and SC Public Radio, your message stands out.

SOURCES: 1- 2015 Doublebase GfK MRI; 2- 2010 NPR Audience Insight & Research; 3- 2009 Impact of Sponsorship & Commercialism PBS/Public Television Harris Interactive study; 4- Nielson Galaxy Explorer; 5- ORC International's DualFrame CARAVAN, January 2015; 6- 2014 Erdos & Morgan Opinion Leaders Study


Please contact:
Melanie Davis Boyer
Corporate Sponsorship Manager
Phone: 803-737-3289
Email: mboyer@scetv.org