Sponsorship Guidelines

These guidelines seek to preserve the non-commercial nature of South Carolina ETV (SCETV) and South Carolina Public Radio (SC Public Radio). Our audience values this characteristic as part of what makes public media unique in sound and substance. It is critical that, in addition to providing exceptional programming, we maintain a non-commercial, uncluttered and intelligent environment, keep our audience engaged during breaks and air underwriting announcements in keeping with our programming values, as well as adhering to FCC requirements. Your underwriting sponsorship support represents a partnership between your organization and SCETV and SC Public Radio, and demonstrates your commitment to community service and quality programming.

An announcement must identify, but may not promote, the sponsor, its services, facilities or products, using value-neutral language. It may not express the sponsor's views on any matter of public interest or importance. It may not support or oppose any political candidate. And it must be scheduled within natural programming breaks, so as not to interrupt a program. In addition to these legal requirements, on-air sponsor announcements must be in keeping with the non-commercial nature of our station. To maintain the consistency of our sound, all messages are prerecorded by a station voice.

Length of Announcement: :15 seconds

What we can do for you

Describe a Product or Service: 
Support for this program is provided in part by The Columbia Museum of Art presenting An Artist's Eye, featuring modern and contemporary art through October 23rd. For information, columbiamuseum.org (Phone # on screen)

Broadcast an Established Trade Slogan:
The following program is made possible in part by BB&T investment services, working with investors to plan for a secure tomorrow. BB&T "You can tell we want your business".

State Locations, Telephone numbers or Web Addresses:
...Eleanor Burns of "Quilt in A Day" holding a 3 Day Retreat October 13th through 15th in West Columbia. For more information or for reservations 803-936-8021. Creative Sewing Machine Center.

Explain Trade Names, Products, Services That Aid Listeners or Viewers in Identifying Your Organization:
...Earth Fare, the healthy market and cafe', celebrating National Soy Month and Earth Day with food sampling, lectures and workshops. In Charleston at South Windemere Plaza and Greenville at Lewis Plaza on Augusta Road.

Build an Association with ETV or ETV Radio:
The Blue Grass Sound is made possible in part by Bill's Music Shop & Pickin' Parlor, distributors of Martin & Gibson stringed instruments, at 710 Meeting Street, West Columbia. "The Blue Grass Store."

What we cannot do for you (FCC Restrictions)

Make a Call to Action: "...Get Met, It pays", "Call right now" 
Use Superlatives or be Qualitative:"...the most intelligent car ever built", "Best service in the industry", "more satisfying" 
Give Price or Value Information: "...low rates available now", "7.7% interest rate available now", "Discount", "Free" 
Use a Direct Comparison: "...fresh food, not like the chains" 
Include Endorsements: "...recommended by 3 out of 4 doctors" 
Create Inducements to Buy: "...a month’s free rent if you sign now", "You need...", "lifetime guarantee"

And there are some promotional words we cannot use due to FCC Restrictions, like reliable,efficient, economical, dependable, fair price, prompt, excellent, dedicated, quality, luxury, leading, affordable, quick and clear, very accommodating, delightfully honest, and number one.

Remember, for our audience, less is more. We want you to get credit, not criticism. 
Thank you for your support!

Media from Clients for Radio Spots

All Radio underwriting credits will be read by station personnel, no outside voice-overs. Copy should be received by noon at least 3 business days prior to the first air date.

Media from Clients for Television Spots

Television Formatting:
HDTV Screen Format 16:9 Full Frame

Video Tape Media:
HD CAM is preferred
DVC-Pro is secondary
Can accept BETACAM
Can accept .mov file (for use with Avid Editors)

Audio Formatting:
48,000 audio 
Can accept .wav or mp3. format

Logos & Artwork:
PC based format
Prefer EPS or PSD (Can accept JPG, TIF, TGA, & PNG)
72 dpi
Size to fit 16 X 9 square pixel
(Larger is better - We can reduce)

Time Line for Television: Copy & Materials

All TV copy and materials should be received by noon on the due date. Please allow at least 7 business days prior to the first air date.

First Air Date Copy & Art Due
Sat./Sun./Mon. Thursday (7 business days prior)
Tuesday Friday (7 business days prior)
Wednesday Monday (7 business days prior)
Thursday Tuesday (7 business days prior)
Friday Wednesday (7 business days prior)