Before We Die 2

Hanna and Bjorn’s hunt for the Mimica family continues, finding new levels of corruption.


  • Episode 7

    With Bjorn missing and Christian slipping out of her hands, Hanna doesn’t know what to do.
  • Episode 6

    With Christian spiraling out control, Hanna and Bjorn are facing danger from two sides.
  • Episode 5

    A murder throws the investigation into chaos as The Circle reveals its true power.
  • Episode 4

    Christian relentlessly pursues his target.
  • Episode 3

    Hanna keeps Blanka in hiding, away from Christian.
  • Episode 2

    Christian struggles with his past.
  • Episode 1

    Hanna desperately looks for a leak in the police department.
  • Episode 10

    Hannah gets a text message that changes everything. Blanka faces a difficult choice.

About Before We Die 2

This powerful Swedish thriller features nail-biting action and a unique, compelling twist about a tough police officer, Hanna Svensson, whose highly developed sense of right and wrong is more powerful than any family tie. From Walter Presents, in Swedish with English subtitles.