Vienna Blood

Dr. Max Liebermann and DI Oskar Rheinhardt team up to solve mysteries in 1900s Vienna.


  • Episode 5 | Death is Now a Welcome Guest Part 1

    Tragedy strikes at the premiere of a silent film and Max and Oskar investigate.
  • Episode 4 | The God of Shadows Part 2

    Max and Oskar spend the night at the veteran soldiers' home where Steiner lived.
  • Episode 3 | The God of Shadows Part 1

    Max Liebermann applies his neurological expertise to a man suffering from delusions.
  • Episode 2 | Deadly Communion Part 2

    Max and Oskar search for the killer of two women.
  • Episode 1 | Deadly Communion Part 1

    DI Oskar Rheinhardt needs Max Liebermann’s help when a young seamstress is found murdered.
  • Episode 6 | Darkness Rising Part 2

    Another monk is found dead. Max discovers a clue that reveals a hint at his behavior.
  • Episode 5 | Darkness Rising Part 1

    A monk is found murdered and suspicion falls on a religious Jew who had a run-in with him.
  • Episode 4 | The Devil's Kiss Part 2

    A surveillance operation uncovers an intricate foreign plot.

About Vienna Blood

1900s Vienna is a hotbed of philosophy, science and art. Dr. Max Liebermann's extraordinary skills of perception and Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt's determination lead them to some of the city's most mysterious and deadly cases.