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  • Episode 5

    Emma and Julien seek the identity of Gomorrah, but learn another attack is planned.
  • Episode 4

    Emma’s mission changes after a deadly discovery.
  • Episode 3

    Julien and Zsofia investigate a politician. Emma finds a lead on Alex’s computer.
  • Episode 2

    Julien and Zsofia track down the tattooed man, and things escalate with a video.
  • Episode 1

    Julien travels to Hungary to help the British Ambassador find her missing family.
  • Episode 6

    Julien discovers the inside source bringing the case to a devastating conclusion.
  • Episode 5

    Julien plots an audacious move to frame Constantin which ends in blood shed.
  • Episode 4

    Julien finds the money but Edward makes a reckless move that puts the case in jeopardy.

About Baptiste

Tcheky Karyo revives his role as French detective Julien Baptiste in this spinoff of “The Missing.” While visiting his daughter in Amsterdam, Baptiste becomes drawn into a missing persons case that may be connected to a human trafficking gang.