The fan-favorite drama inspired by Jane Austen’s final, unfinished novel.


  • Episode 5

    Lennox and Colbourne’s rivalry over Charlotte comes to a head.
  • Episode 4

    Tension mounts for Charlotte when Colbourne and Colonel Lennox reunite at a garden party.
  • Episode 3

    Charlotte and Colbourne reach an understanding. She and Colonel Lennox enjoy an encounter.
  • Episode 2

    Charlotte starts a new job and Georgiana receives bad news.
  • Episode 1

    Charlotte returns to Sanditon in unexpected circumstances.
  • Episode 8

    It is the night of the Midsummer Ball, and romance, jealousy, and betrayal fill the air.
  • Episode 7

    Sanditon's regatta fast approaches, and the success of the resort hangs in the balance.
  • Episode 6

    Charlotte and Sidney must reconcile to search for a missing Sanditon resident.

About Sanditon

Jane Austen’s final and incomplete novel, written only months before her death in 1817, Sanditon tells the story of the joyously impulsive, spirited and unconventional Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) and her romantic journey.