Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan

Enjoy an intimate and heartfelt interview series hosted by author Kelly Corrigan.


  • Jewel

    Musician, author and philanthropist Jewel revisits her journey into becoming a music star.
  • Del Seymour

    Del Seymour speaks to lasting solutions to solving issues of addiction and homelessness.
  • Maya Shankar

    Cognitive scientist Maya Shankar shares insights on change, identity, and the human brain.
  • Lang Lang

    World-renowned pianist Lang Lang speaks on his life’s work, discipline, and family.
  • Constance Wu

    Actress Constance Wu talks about her upbringing, acting and screen representation.
  • Michael Lewis

    Best-selling author Michael Lewis reflects on expertise, character writing and grief.
  • Cecile Richards

    Former president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards talks about intrinsic activism.
  • Selma Blair

    Actor and writer Selma Blair shares personal stories and talks about transcending labels.

About Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan

Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan is a series that inspires, educates and entertains. Hosted by four-time New York Times bestselling author Kelly Corrigan, the show features insightful conversations with notable guests, reflecting on their lives and the impact they can have on their worlds.