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  • Pandora Papers/Massacre in El Salvador

    A huge leak reveals hidden assets and deals of the world’s wealthy and powerful.
  • Shots Fired

    Amid record police shootings in Utah, an investigation into the use of deadly force.
  • Taliban Takeover

    The Taliban take over Afghanistan, and the threat of ISIS and Al Qaeda intensifies.
  • Boeing's Fatal Flaw

    An investigation of Boeing’s flawed 737 Max jet and the crashes that killed 346 people.
  • America After 9/11

    FRONTLINE traces the U.S. response to the 9/11 attacks and the devastating consequences.
  • Beyond Baghdad

    Investigation into U.S. plan to use Iraq as a showcase for democracy in the Middle East.
  • In Search of Al Qaeda

    What happened to the hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters who fled U.S. airstrikes in 2001?
  • In the Shadow of 9/11

    How seven men in Miami were indicted for the biggest alleged Al Qaeda plot since 9/11.


  • Ebola in Congo

    Follow health workers as they risk their lives to battle Ebola in a war zone.
  • Waiting for Tearah

    A family’s struggle to navigate America’s mental health care system.
  • Anti-Abortion Crusaders

    FRONTLINE takes an inside look at the African-American anti-abortion movement in the U.S.
  • Betting on Trump: Coal

    What do Trump’s promises to the coal industry mean to voters in West Virginia?
  • Betting on Trump: Jobs

    What do Trump’s promises around manufacturing mean to voters in Erie, Pennsylvania?
  • Betting on Trump: Water

    What do Trump’s promises to farmers mean to voters in California’s Central Valley?
  • Stickup Kid

    FRONTLINE explores what happens when a juvenile offender is sent to adult prison.
  • Mosquito Hunter

    In the midst of crisis, Brazil is facing historic outbreaks of mosquito-borne illness.


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