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Join host Mike Rugnetta in this critical look at pop theory and modern culture.


  • Does Math Really Exist?

    Idea Channel questions whether math is "real" or a feature of human creation.
  • Is Developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethical?

    Idea Channel reflects on the benefit (or threat?) of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Is the Universe a Computer?

    The whole universe is an incredibility complex computational system. But for what purpose?
  • Why Do We Love Zombies?

    How can we explain our current fascination with zombies?
  • A Visit to Mr. Monfre's Class

    A special Idea Channel episode featuring a visit by Mike to Mr. Monfre's class.
  • Is a DOS Attack a Weapon?

    Here's an idea: a DOS attack is a weapon.
  • Is Sad Music Actually Sad?

    What is it about music that makes us feel these feelings we're feeling?
  • An Interview with Minecraft EDU Creator Joel Levin

    An interview with Minecraft EDU's creator, Joel Levin.

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