Presenting journalistic documentaries capturing the world's overlooked people and places.


  • Troubled Water

    Southern Africa, Haiti and West Papua
  • The Carbon Hunters

    Stories from Brazil, Guatemala and Uganda
  • Brazil: Hired Guns

    Fighting for a share of the land.
  • California: The Immigration Dilemma

    Jason Margolis investigates the immigration debate in California.
  • Iran: The Stem Cell Fatwa

    Science and religion's unlikely union.
  • Pakistan Under Siege

    In this special edition, three stories from a country battling for its own survival.
  • Children of the Taliban

    Taliban recruitment in Pakistan; South Korea's digital revolution.
  • Bangladesh: The Mystery of a Mutiny

    Corruption and many questions shroud military insurrection.


Each episode of FRONTLINE/World features two or three "short stories" told by a diverse group of reporters and video journalists. These first-person stories will take viewers on adventurous journeys to foreign lands from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Taking advantage of easily portable digital cameras, our correspondents roam widely, observe closely, and when necessary, film surreptitiously.