Our Vanishing Wilderness

Watch the landmark documentary series to first examine environmental issues in the U.S.


  • The Water is so Clear that a Blind Man Could See

    Taos Indians and the way in which sound ecology is bound up in their religion.
  • The Chain of Life

    Is the public outcry against environmental abuses bringing any results?
  • Santa Barbara: Everybody's Mistake

    Off-shore oil leak near Santa Barbara
  • Will the Gater Glades Survive?

    The Florida Everglades are threatened with destruction
  • Slow Death of the Desert Water

    man's interference of nature at Anaho Island in Pyramid Lake, Nevada
  • The Prairie Killers

    Ranchers continue their systematic destruction of wildlife to protect livestock.
  • Of Broccoli and Pelicans and Celery and Seals

    Pesticides creep into nature's food chains.

About Our Vanishing Wilderness

40 years ago, a small crew of filmmakers set out to document some of the more pressing issues involving wildlife in America. The eight half-hour films, shot around the country, ended up becoming the first environmental TV series in the US.