Join Steve Backshall in uncharted territory to uncover the world’s last unknown places.


  • Suriname - Ghost River

    Ride along as Steve Backshall kayaks a Surinamese river so remote, it doesn’t have a name.
  • Greenland - Ice Mountain

    Climb alongside Steve Backshall as he attempts to summit an unclimbed Greenland mountain.
  • Mexico - Maya Underworld

    Return to Mexico with Steve Backshall as he discovers Mayan secrets in subterranean caves.
  • Bhutan – White Water

    Join Steve Backshall on his quest to kayak the last unrun river in Bhutan.
  • Borneo – Dark Shadow

    Follow Steve Backshall into a Bornean cave system.
  • Mexico – Flooded Caves

    Dive into a network of unexplored underwater caves in Mexico with Steve Backshall.
  • Suriname – Lost World

    Travel to the Guiana Shield, where Steve Backshall searches for new wildlife.
  • Greenland - Frozen Frontier

    Join Steve Backshall and explore the Arctic during its most volatile time of year.


  • Expedition Unpacked: Close Encounters

    We unpack close encounters with creatures that were awe-inspiring and fear inducing.
  • Expedition Unpacked: No Turning Back

    We unpack the moments that very nearly stopped the Expedition teams in their tracks.
  • Expedition Unpacked: Teamwork

    We unpack the story of the world class teams behind five of our world-first expeditions.

About Expedition

Head into the unknown with naturalist Steve Backshall as he journeys to the world’s last unexplored places and faces challenges around the globe, encountering extraordinary wildlife and meeting remarkable people along the way.