The Gene

A historical biography of the human genome.


  • Part 1: Dawn of the Modern Age of Genetics

    Part One interweaves present-day stories with the discoveries of pioneers in genetics.


  • The Gene Explained | Gene Damage

    What goes on in our DNA to make us grow grey hair, wrinkles and less than healthy DNA?
  • The Gene Explained | Invasion of the Gene Snatchers

    How do viruses work? Sort of like an alien invasion that replaces our cell’s genetic code.
  • The Gene Explained | Is That a Banana in Your Genes?

    Humans are indeed genetically related to bananas (as well as slugs), but how exactly?
  • The Gene Explained | The Gene That Transformed

    What terrifying things go on inside of chrysalis, and what dark role do genes play?
  • The Gene Explained | Gene Filled Donuts

    How DNA's mysterious instructions buried in a gene become the actual nose on a face.
  • The Gene Explained | Gene Strike!

    Take a peek into the body's war room during the heat of battle with cancer.
  • The Gene Explained | Gene Whiz! It's a Boy!

    If you're curious about the origin of boys, look no further than the Y chromosome.
  • The Gene Explained | Good Genes Gone Bad

    What causes cancer and ways to calm down those "good genes that have gone bad."

About The Gene

“The Gene: An Intimate History” brings vividly to life the story of today’s revolution in medical science through present-day tales of patients and doctors at the forefront of the search for genetic treatments, interwoven with a compelling history of the discoveries that made this possible and the ethical challenges raised by the ability to edit DNA with precision.