Let's Go Luna!

Three friends, Leo, Carmen, and Andy, traverse the globe with their guide, Luna the moon.


  • Viva La Pasta/Arrievederci Acqua!

    Carmen wants to give Honey the finest pasta in Rome. / The Circo runs out of water.
  • Stinky Fruit/Kick It Good

    Leo tastes a Durian. / Andy wants to play ball in Thailand.
  • The Mystery of the Mask/Movie Monday

    The kids learn about the Khon dance and shadow-puppets in Thailand.
  • Blue Orleans/Bonjour, Au Revoir, Adios

    Luna's friend passes away. / Is New Orleans more Spanish or French?
  • Cusco, Weave Got A Problem/Nice to Meet You, Machu Picchu

    In Peru, Luna has to return a skirt. / Senor Fabuloso looks for Machu Picchu.
  • Beat the Beat/Rhinoceros or Bust

    In Nairobi, the kids go in search of a way to cheer the Circo up. / Andy goes on safari.
  • Castelle in the Air/Barcelona Birdy

    In Barcelona, Carmen is asked to play at the Castells. / Leo helps a baby rock thrush..
  • Totally Totem/Glacier or Bust

    In Juneau, Andy and Luna create a totem. / Andy wants to explore a glacier.


  • Let's Go Luna! Premiere Special

    Join Luna and her friends on 5 back-to-back adventures all over the world!

About Let's Go Luna!

Let's Go Luna! follows the adventures of three friends – Leo, a wombat from Australia; Carmen, a butterfly from Mexico; and Andy, a frog from the U.S. – as they traverse the globe with their parents’ traveling performance troupe, “Circo Fabuloso.” At each of the Circo’s stops, Luna the Moon guides the trio as they get to know the local region and its people.