Let's Go Luna!

Three friends, Leo, Carmen, and Andy, traverse the globe with their guide, Luna the moon.


  • Andy King of Scots/Leo the Nessie Hunter

    In Edinburgh, Scotland, Andy explores his heritage and Leo hunts the Loch Ness Monster.
  • A Tough Nut to Crack/It's a Beautiful, Wonderful Life

    In Samoa, Leo learns how to crack a coconut and Carmen appreciates the Maulu’ulu dance.
  • What a T-Wreck/Way of the Gaucho

    In Buenos Aires, Andy helps a paleontologist. / Carmen wants to be a gaucho.
  • Beetlemania/Robo-Kid

    In Tokyo, Andy helps a lost pet./Andy wants super robot powers.
  • Old School/Yankee Doodle Andy

    Leo wants to attend a traditional school. / Andy learns the history of the 4th of July.
  • Blanket Decision/Yo Yo Heave...Whoa!

    Andy learns about quilting in Boston. / Carmen writes and sings a sea shanty.
  • Muddy Miracle/Fabuloso's New Clothes

    Leo learns how to make amazing buildings out of mud./Andy fixes Señor Fabuloso’s suit.
  • Give Me a Sign/Hip Life

    In Ghana, Andy helps a friend paint a sign./Carmen learns more about the city of Kumasi.


  • Let's Go Luna! Premiere Special

    Join Luna and her friends on 5 back-to-back adventures all over the world!

About Let's Go Luna!

Let's Go Luna! follows the adventures of three friends – Leo, a wombat from Australia; Carmen, a butterfly from Mexico; and Andy, a frog from the U.S. – as they traverse the globe with their parents’ traveling performance troupe, “Circo Fabuloso.” At each of the Circo’s stops, Luna the Moon guides the trio as they get to know the local region and its people.